Signee Update: Tyler Alberts

Unlike the rest of North Carolina's signees, Tyler Alberts will enroll at UNC for the first summer semester.

"It's 11 days exactly," Alberts said. "I have a countdown going. I've never been more ready."

Alberts, a Lewisville (N.C.) Forsyth Country Day product, will arrive on campus on May 9, whereas the rest of the 2011 class arrives in mid-June.

"At my school, most of our fourth quarter we don't have (classes)," Alberts said. "We go out in the community and do internships. I did my internship with Dave Arendas, who is the director of baseball operations at Carolina (I play baseball with his son).

"I did my internship early. My principal said as long as I keep my grades up and get my internship done, she's going to let me leave early to get ahead in school at Carolina."

Alberts will return to Forsyth Country Day, though, to walk at graduation.

"After five years of high school – after reclassing – I'm ready to get to college," Alberts said.

Despite the early enrollment, Alberts is unsure what he'll major in at UNC.

"I keep changing my mind," Alberts said. "I really like business, just because you could apply it to so many different things. Now that I've interned with Mr. Arendas, I really liked what he did; [sports management] would be a cool field to go into. Marketing [and] communications would be cool – I don't know, I'm all over the place."

According to Alberts, it's a foregone conclusion that he is red-shirting this coming season.

"I'm taking a red-shirt this year, because I need to gain weight [and] learn all the football stuff because this [past season was] my first year playing so I have a lot to learn," Alberts said.

What's not nearly as certain is Alberts' position at UNC. He's penciled in as a defensive end, but is viewed as an "athlete."

Alberts' communication with UNC's coaching staff is almost exclusively with Allen Mogridge, his primary recruiter and UNC's tight ends coach.

"I talk to Coach Mo' every day, if not every other," Alberts said. "You don't run out of things to talk about with Coach Mo'. He likes to talk. We talk about everything. He asks me how my day's going, calls me to tell me something funny, asks me how my family is doing, let me know the latest with the team – everything."

Alberts, who wore No. 88 at FCD, is uncertain what jersey number he'll wear at UNC.

"I've asked Coach Mo' a few times and he tells me it's probably going to be in the 80s or 90s," Alberts said. "… But it really doesn't matter to me."

Once they join him on campus in mid-June, Alberts will be rooming with Eric Ebron, Miller Snyder, and Jack Tabb.

"[Ebron] actually stayed last weekend with me," Alberts said. "He talks from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep. He's a character. He and I get along really well – he's fun to be around."

After helping FCD's football team to a 6-4 record and playing in the private schools' Shrine Bowl, Alberts joined the basketball team for the second half of the season.

"[Basketball] really helped me with conditioning," Alberts said. "I didn't realize how out-of-shape I got after taking a few weeks off. Basketball really helped me get my legs underneath me."

On the season, Alberts averaged a double-double as FCD reached the quarterfinals of the NCISAA playoffs.

"I did a lot of the grunt work for the team," Alberts said. "I got a bunch of rebounds and just scored when they needed me to. "

Alberts is currently part of FCD's baseball squad, where he pitches and plays first base and outfield.

"Playing football in the fall helped my arm out a lot," Alberts said. "My fast ball is back where it needs to be. It really helps pitching a lot, because I can work off that with my off-speed [pitches].

"And my hitting is pretty good, too. I'm seeing the ball real well this season. It helps being surrounded by good hitters like I am this season."

In spite of his basketball and baseball seasons, Alberts has been able to follow the workout regimen UNC sends its signees.

"I had my schedule changed at school to where my first two classes of the day are weightlifting," Alberts said. "I get the agility and weightlifting done the first two classes of the day at school. I'm able to get that knocked out in the morning that way I have the rest of the day. I follow most of [the regimen]. Some of the stuff I'll leave out if I have a game that day just to keep my body good for the game."

At 6-foot-8, Alberts says he weighs 223 pounds.

"The coaches never gave me a weight," Alberts said. "They just said eat everything you see."

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