IC App Now on Three Platforms

Inside Carolina's free mobile application is now available on three platforms. iPhone, Android and Blackberry users can download the app today.


How do I download it?
The simplest way is to go to your phone's application program (iPhone App Store, Android Market or Blackberry App World) and search "Inside Carolina" -- but for those who want a link for direct download or for syncing, visit InsideCarolina.mobi.

Does this app cost anything?
No, it is free.

What about other platforms, such as iPad?
Right now it is available just for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The iPad requires a more complicated process and we hope to have that available later this year.

Are all aspects of the InsideCarolina.com site included within this app?
The app is intended as a free, mobile complement to the web site, so that Inside Carolina readers have a quick and easy way to read the day's stories and utilize reference tools, while also serving as a one-click portal to the web site.

What are the features within the app?
You can read daily articles - including game previews, reviews, interviews, and analysis; view basketball and football schedules and results - a quick way to check past scores and the next game's time and TV info; review basketball and football rosters - sortable by player name and number; share Insidecarolina.com stories with friends via email, text, Twitter, or Facebook.

I'd like to make a suggestion for additional features that I think you should add, how do I do that?
We welcome your feedback, so post your suggestion on the InsideCarolina.com Feedback Forum. We plan to continue to enhance this product in future editions as we're only at Version 1.0 at this point.

Where can I ask for help with a technical problem with the app?
Visit the InsideCarolina.com Feedback Forum.

What if I find a bug?
Report it to michelle@insidecarolina.com

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