Signee Update: Tim Scott

Although the topic hasn't been broached, Tim Scott is optimistic about his chances of seeing the field during his freshman season at North Carolina.

"[The UNC coaches] haven't really talked about red-shirting or playing time, yet," Scott said. "I know with the cornerback problems they're having, I'll expect anything. I know how [Charles Brown] is suspended for a game, how [Brendon Felder] transferred to Pittsburgh, and a couple of them [graduated]. So anything can happen."

Scott also obtained additional info when he attended UNC's Spring Game that will help his cause.

"I saw our defense made a few changes, like moving Tre [Boston] to safety," Scott said. "I saw that T.J. Thorpe and Marquise [Williams] played a lot, which is good."

Scott, who was a big play threat on offense and as a return man for Stafford (Va.) Colonial Forge, will also audition for the vacant kick and punt return positions.

"[The UNC coaches] said during the recruiting process that I'll get a chance just like everybody else," Scott said.

In preparation for the possibility of playing this fall, Scott has been spending a lot of time in the weight room since his basketball season ended.

"I showed my football coach [UNC's] booklet, because he is actually my lifting coach and teacher," Scott said. "He puts in certain things for us to work out depending on the sport. So he put my work out exactly how the booklet wanted it. "

Scott has gained eight pounds since the football season and estimates he's around 180 pounds.

"I want to be a solid 180-185 [pounds] once I get [to UNC]," Scott said. "Once I get there, I know I'll pack on the weight."

However, Scott isn't opposed to red-shirting.

"If I get red-shirted, I'll think of it as a positive," Scott said. "It would give me an extra year of academics to get the flow of it. It would also give me another year to pack on some weight and get bigger."

Scott is hoping to continue to sport his high school jersey number, No. 3, at UNC.

"I've talked to the coaches about it, but I've been researching myself," Scott said. "Of course I like 3. Pete Magnum, he wore 3 last year, but he switched to No. 31 at the spring game. So I'll see if that's available.

"It started where my first year of football I was No. 1, second year I was 2, and then third year I was 3. And I felt like my last name on the jersey with [the No. 3] felt right and people on my team started to call me ‘TS3,' so I just kept the number from there on."

Scott will graduate from Colonial Forge on June 18 and then report to UNC on June 19. Classes for the second summer semester begin June 16.

"My high school year isn't over until June 17 and I have to wait until I graduate until I go down [to UNC]," Scott said. "[The UNC coaches] said they have everything settled and all I need to worry about right now is finishing high school up, and then they'll have everything ready and set."

Upon graduating, Scott will be a qualifier, according to the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Scott is considering majoring in Business Administration at UNC.

"There are really a lot of job opportunities coming out of there from accounting and stuff like that," Scott said.

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