Holding Court with Hansbrough, Part III

As Tyler Hansbrough's second season in Indiana came to a close, the four-time college All-American and current pro starter sat down with Inside Carolina for a lengthy interview. Here is Part III …


Most pro players realize that being a professional athlete is vastly different then life in college. Hansbrough is no exception, having figured out rather quickly after losing most of his rookie year to injury. But it hasn't changed him. He's still got his routines, still sports a shy off-the-court personality and remains as focused as ever.

People don't always realize this is a job…

"This is a job. We're definitely not all living in the same place, like we were at Carolina. My teammates weren't my roommates. That's different. Just realizing that this is a job, and you could be gone, very quickly. You never know what happens in the NBA."

Interview Excerpt:
What's a typical home game day for you?

"I'll wake up and go to my spot, where I always eat breakfast. They get my breakfast ready, and I take it down to the Fieldhouse. We'll do a shootaround. I'll come back home. I'll probably watch a little TV, take a little rest, then probably go grab some Q'doba. Afterwards I head down to the Fieldhouse, and work out before the game."

What do you like to watch on TV?

"I like to watch TV shows. I'm a big movie guy."

Action? Drama?

"Yeah, both. I recently finished all of "Prison Break." I watched the "Social Network." I'm always trying to catch new movies and try to work on my movie game."

What's your take on Twitter and social media?

"I think it's good. I think it gives you a chance to interact with your fans. It lets them know what type of person you are. I'm a big Twitter guy. I don't tweet a lot. I like to follow people and see what they're doing. I think it's cool from that aspect."

"Twitter can be useful or hurtful, depending how you use it. If you're out at two in the morning at a bar and drinking, and you go, "Hey, me and my guys are drinking," and you post a picture, it's not the smartest move. But you use it to interact with your fans and develop a fan base and give them a chance to see what type of person you are off the court."

Do you like to see what people Tweet back to you?

"Yeah, I love to see my fans' responses. But I'll be the first to block someone if they send me a hate Tweet, or something like that. I'll block people too."

What are your brother [Notre Dame guard] Ben's NBA prospects?

"I think he's got a shot. Some workouts will be important for him. I think he's got a chance to be in the league, and help a team."

Growing up, what were you and your brothers like?

"Greg [the oldest] was the most outgoing person. He's never met a stranger. I'm more laid back, and kind of shy. Ben's more of an in-your-face, let-you-know-how-it-is person."

Who was the best basketball player growing up?

"I would say me. Ben played a lot of pick up and one-on-one. I actually worked on my game a lot more. But if you ask Ben that, he'll probably say him. That's the way it is."

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