Around The Bases with Cody Stiles

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina caught up with this week with Cody Stiles. The sophomore hurler has posted a 2.23 ERA and a 4-0 record in 11 appearances, primarily as a mid-week starter and weekend reliever.

What's it been like to be part of a deep pitching staff this season?
"First and foremost it has been fun. It is always good to have in-team competition. It keeps everyone working hard and in the long run it gets everyone better. It has been fun. It keeps everyone hungry and working hard and wanting to get in the game. That has a lot to do with it and we have a bunch of kids with good attitudes and that carries our team because of our overall depth."

What is the most important part for you to be successful on the mound?
"I think the most important thing for me is just going right after people. If my slider is not on, just keeping in attack mode and making sure I finish everything and not missing arm side or anything like that. As long as I go out there and compete I think that is my biggest thing."

Can you discuss your relationship with Coach Forbes?
"We have a good relationship. I met him in Florida during my senior year. All of us pitchers have a real good relationships with him. He is not just a coach to us, he is more like a father figure in a sense. It is good to have that, especially for us guys out of state who are pretty far away from our family and we can talk with him about anything and stuff like that."

What has Coach Woodard brought to the table?
"He has definitely brought a lot to the plate. One of my favorite things to do is just pick his brain a little bit. He was almost like a finesse pitcher in college and he just dominated. It is fun to see what he thinks about certain pitches in certain counts to certain batters and he is really encouraging about getting after it in the weight room and the mound."

How is the team looking forward to facing the two teams ahead of them in the Coastal Division in Georgia Tech and Virginia before heading to the ACC Tournament?
"We are looking forward to it. We are just going to go just like Florida State and just go in there and play our game. That is the fun part of the season, playing teams like that. They will be fun series - both of them."

Now that finals are behind and the stretch run is ahead to the post-season, how is the team morale from your perspective?
"This is definitely the best time of the year, summer, fall, everything. This is when we have the most fun and do a lot of things as a team as we do not have to worry about studying or getting to a tutor. We actually had a team golf outing the other day and it is good for our team chemistry and just a lot of fun."

Who is the best golfer on the team?
"I would probably have to go with Mike Morin. It is definitely Mike Morin but I know that Greg Holt, Patrick Johnson and Shane Taylor are up there too. It is a lot of fun."

Does watching Greg Holt's two-way play make you think about helping as a right handed batter after starring in the outfield in high school?
"I have never really thought about it. I am focused on pitching since I have got here. It has been awesome what he has done to help the team and how he has stepped up to help us."

Can you shed any light on how Tommy Coyle ended up with the nickname ‘Ninja'?
"I cannot really point to a specific incident that brought it about but that he is little and swift of foot, I guess, and kind of brought it upon himself because of his stature."

With such a deep pitching staff this season, there isn't room for a major role for everyone. How have the pitchers that have not been in the mix, like Garrett Davis or Zach Bernard, handled the situation?
"Those two guys in particular are just working hard and not complaining. They are keeping a good head on their shoulders and never come to the field dragging or anything like that. That is one of the things that keeps our team how we are is that everyone has a good head on their shoulders and everyone just works hard and keeps on pushing on."

Where have you been assigned to play this summer?
"Right now I have no clue. I have been talking to two different teams and I am just waiting for one to fall through right now."

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