UNC-UM: Postgame Interviews

DURHAM, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio from head coach Mike Fox, Greg Holt and Tommy Coyle, as well as Miami head coach Jim Morris and players, who spoke to the media following UNC's loss to the Hurricanes on Thursday.

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Opening statement:
"Congratulate Miami. They got it done certainly the whole game, and we didn't. It felt like the game was kind of two different halves. It was unfortunate we couldn't pad our lead a little bit after being up 5-0. We made some really bad base-running mistakes that probably cost us a run or two, and how that changes the game you don't really know, but that's just fundamental baseball that we should be much better than that certainly this time of year. I thought both of those plays really hurt us. Greg gave us the start that I thought that he would, and go out and be really aggressive for five or six innings, and have us in the game, but Miami certainly swung the bat a lot better than we did. We couldn't hold the lead, didn't get it done out of the bullpen, and they beat us. And it was hot."

Mike, talk a little bit more about Greg. He hadn't started in over a year, and gave you 118 pitches on a really hot day, and left with a big lead.
"We have a lot of confidence in Greg Holt. I've seen his progression since he walked on this campus, so that has a lot to do with it, because you know kids, and I've watched them. Just look at what he did at the plate today, and he hasn't hit for us in a year and a half or so, and all of a sudden because of the situation we're in we find we need Greg to start hitting for us. He gets on base two or three times I think, so that didn't surprise me at all. I think some people were maybe surprised we were pitching him today, but what he gave us was not a surprise to the rest of us."

Mike how beneficial is it to have a player like Greg, who is both effective at the plate and on the mound? I know FedEx did it, but you haven't had too many guys who have been able to.
"We haven't. It's the first time in a long time I've written out a lineup with just nine names on it with one pitcher, DH, so it's a little unusual, but I think Greg gives us a lot of flexibility. He's going to play right field probably if he can raise his arm up, and play right field tomorrow maybe. We need that, and if we get into a regional and we need a fourth start now we know probably who we're going to, but we'll also use him, he can pitch in any situation for us as well."

What kind of pressure does Zeke DeVoss put on a defense just in general play?

"He's the last guy we want on base for them five times, and it changes your rhythm. Greg will tell you we want him to go a little quicker to the plate. That's tough sometimes. You want your rhythm, and then you may not want to throw your breaking ball. You want to throw your fastball to get the ball to the plate a little quicker, so it changes a lot of things. In the triple that he hit I don't know how many two-strike hits they had today, but they had a number of them. I thought that was the key to the game. They moved the ball, made better swings of the bat with two strikes than we did, and we knew we thought he might try to hit the ball to left center, and we moved Ben a little bit just not quite enough. It's a game of inches, and we make that play by chance it changes the game. An error, that swing of the bat by him, a couple of base-running things changed the whole game. It's just part of baseball where a lot of things happen, but one or two things can really make a difference."

Greg Holt

What kind of player is Zeke DeVoss, and how hard of an out is he?
"He's tough to get out. I thought I made some pretty good pitches early to him. The first at bat of the game I made a good fastball pitch on the outside corner, and he just flares it out there into right field. He sits on some pitches, and when he gets his pitch to hit he doesn't miss it. It's hard to pitch them in a little bit, because he likes to drops his hands on the ball, but I thought I did a great job today. He got some pitches to hit, and he executed really well."



Opening statement:
"First of all, I think it was probably a great game to watch. North Carolina has an outstanding club. Our guys did a great job of coming back against a really, really good club, so I was very excited the way we played after the first inning. At that point we did a great job of coming back. We played solid defense, and I'm very excited about the way our guys performed. Our bullpen was outstanding. Zeke did a great job, Stephen Perez, but it was a good team effort."

Jim, you guys were kind of dead in the water there it seemed like 5-0. Nothing was going your way. What'd you guys do, and how'd you stay positive in the dugout?
"We got some hits, but they were all in different innings. We got some guys on. We couldn't get a big hit with two outs. We ran some. Zeke stole a couple of bases. We had some guys in scoring position, but couldn't get that hit to them in, but finally there of course in the sixth inning we put some stuff back to back to back, and was able to put pressure on with some big hits and speed some line drives. Not homeruns, but base hits. It was a good team effort. A lot of big at bats from guys coming off the bench, and Janson did a great job coming in and catching the last three or four innings. It was a good team effort, but our bullpen did a great job with coming in and slamming them with Salcines and Robinson, and then Danny Miranda getting the save."

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