UNC-WF: Postgame Interviews

DURHAM, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes from head coach Mike Fox, Patrick Johnson and Levi Michael, who spoke to the media following No. 4 seed UNC's 9-0 victory over No. 8 seed Wake Forest on Saturday.


Opening statement:
"Good win for us. Kind of an unusual win, obviously, playing last night [and] finishing up today. Patrick Johnson last night was sensational for us. We got exactly what we wanted to today to start the game with second and third, a big hit, get off the five-run lead, so it was a good finish for us. Pretty complete game for us all the way around. It all starts with pitching for us, and Patrick was really good. I hate he wasn't able to throw another inning or two this morning."

Coach, you used the word unusual to describe this game. Are there other words you use for a game that starts that starts at 12:09am, and ends at 5:30pm the next day?
"I've probably never been prouder of my team. Somebody said how do you motivate a team to play? They're college students. That's prime time for them. Probably 11:00-2:00 they're wide awake. It was the coaches that needed to be motivated to stay with it, but our guys were ready last night. Patrick was really ready. We expect that really. You have a tournament like this. It's happened to us before, and it will happen again when you're trying to cram in this many games and you get weather. It is what it is."

Mike how many more pitches did Patrick have in him last night if the game kept going?
"He threw 85, and we probably had about 110 maybe. His outing last week against Virginia he was coming off a short rest, and threw 136. He does okay off a short, being one less day than he's used to going Friday to Friday. We don't know what we're going to do next weekend, but we had a certain number. Even if he had a no-hitter we wouldn't have let him have gone all night I don't think unless he had just breezed through a couple of innings. I don't think that would've happened. He maybe had 20-25 left."


Patrick do you think you could have made those 20-25 left to get the job done?
"I think I would've tried really hard to."

Would you have tried to talk them into letting you pitch a little longer you think?
"No, I think would've tried, but I don't think it would have worked for me."

Why was it going so well for you last night?
"Well it started with great defense. I think in like the third inning they connected pretty well with two balls and just happened to be right at the outfielders. Colin made great plays over at third, and Levi at short. They were just hitting them right to the position players last night."

Do you think you had a little bit of a rough start with the couple of walks in the first inning?
"Yeah, I couldn't really find the zone the first three hitters, but I was able to settle down after that. I really don't know what it was, but Jake helped me out a lot, throwing out Steven when he tried to steal second right there."

Was it hard starting and stopping the game, and staying in a rhythm last night?
"Not really. Usually it gets to me, but it wasn't really a big deal last night. I really don't know, but it was fine."


Levi how would you describe a game that starts just after midnight?
"Like Coach Fox said it was definitely unusual, kind of interesting. I've never started a game that late, but like Coach said, I think we were all locked in, and ready to go. I don't know what it was either. Maybe it's just the time we're most awake I guess. I don't know, but seemed like everybody brought their 'A' game."

Was there any coffee flowing around, or anything extra?
"I think some guys they do some things. They get motivated. They take some energy drinks, or something like that, but I think we were just ready to play. We've been waiting around all day."

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