UNC-UM: Postgame Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from associate head coach Scott Forbes and various Tar Heels, as well as Maine head coach Steve Trimper and his players, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over the Black Bears on Friday.

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Opening Statement:
"First of all, I've got to tip my hat to Keith Bilodeau. After we hit that that 3-run home run, we were thinking we might have a big inning. He did a good job of keeping them in the game. I thought they played well. I thought the story of the game for us was [starting pitcher] Kent Emanuel. He pounded the strike zone, and I thought he got better as the game went and you could see that. It was tempting to leave him out there for one more inning, but his pitch count was too high. Then Michael Morin came in and did what he's done for the last month and a half."

On whether or not he would replace head coach Mike Fox for the remainder of the regionals:
"I'm not sure. Obviously Coach Fox and I are not just co-workers. We are really good friends and we talk a lot. I think he trusts me and I've been a long time playing for him and coaching with him. I'm prepared for it if that's what we need to do."

Jacob Stallings

On his home run:
"He hung a slider. He was throwing a lot of breaking balls early and I just saw it up and was able to put a good swing on it. I didn't want to leave Jesse [Wierzbicki] out there at second base and obviously wanted to add to the 1-0 lead. So I just put a good swing on it and got it in the air."

On Kent Emanuel's Pitching Performance:
"Obviously he was able to get some big pitches. Especially early, to get out of some jams. He got better as he went. In the seventh and eighth inning, I felt like his fastball was popping more than it did in the first six. I think that's a testament to him and just sticking with it and really buckling down in those tough situations."

Kent Emanuel

On wanting to come out for the ninth inning:

"Yeah, I was definitely pestering him the whole bottom of the eighth trying to get out there in the ninth. But I can not really argue after all those pitches. I felt today as the game went on I got better. I did not feel that I had really my best stuff but I was able to hang around the strike zone and get outs."

On being given a four run lead in the first inning:
"I'm never going to complain when my team gives me runs to start off. Definitely in the postseason, I'll take all the run support I can get. There is definitely excitement in the postseason. This was my first start in the tournament, but I just tried to stay on as even keel as possible."

Jesse Wierzbicki

On Coach Fox's absence:
"We all want him to be here and we all know how bad he wants to be here. I think it kind of pushed a couple of us - I know it pushed me a little bit more to go out there and give it our best. We want to play the best we can every day but we definitely wanted to get that win for him."

On the Tar Heel defense today:
"You mean Levi Michael [laughs]. Levi Michael pretty much summed up the left side of the infield today. He was unbelievable and some of the balls he gets to it is ridiculous. I got to first base and I'm thinking that there is no way that he is going to get to that ball and all the sudden the ball is in my glove. Incredible defense you know Coach has been talking to us all year about pitching and defense and that is what won the ballgame for us today."

On his three hit performance:
"Obviously the opposing pitcher did a great job, but I think he was sticking more to his fastball and slider to right-handed guys and he was breaking off curveballs and change-ups to the lefties. SO I think maybe we just caught him on the right day. He was leaving pitches up to the righties. Fortunately we got some good pitches to hit."



Opening Statement:
"I think it was a well-pitched ballgame by both pitchers. I think, in the first inning, we just had a little hiccup. Keith (Bilodeau) pitched a heck of a game here; you got to give credit to him. He shut down a great team (after the first inning). The one thing I was saying up there, it's tough to simulate this atmosphere for us. That's the only thing. I can talk all week about preparing, playing in a regional, playing in front of a great crowd. North Carolina's done a heck of a job just opening up their arms here. We got some tough kids, and we really try to put a bubble over our team and just worry about our own stuff.

"That first three or four minutes, if we could take that back and practice that in the gym like we do in the wintertime and sometimes around our practice facilities – it's tough for us to do that. We played well, we hit well, we tried to get good at-bats. The Emanuel kid (UNC starting pitcher Kent Emanuel), our plan was to try to get in hitters' counts, and we thought we did. The game came down to we just didn't get that second hit. That one hit-by-pitch that got called back, one of those things had to happen for us to get to that first and second. We had it in the second inning, we've been doing a pretty good job of playing a little bit of small ball, and we didn't get that bunt down. That was a big play, even if we just chip back for one. We're trying to get one at a time; we're not trying to score four runs yet. That was another big key part of the game that we just didn't execute, and it came back to hurt us."

Starting Pitcher Keith Bilodeau

On adjusting to the umpire's zone and Jacob Stallings' three-run home run:
"The umpire had a great zone; he was very consistent all game. And we called for a cutter outside, I missed middle-in. He couldn't have taken a better pitch to hit. It was just one bad pitch."

On bouncing back from the four-run first inning:
"When you play a team like UNC, it's very important that you don't let what happens during the game affect you. It was really important to stay in the game and I know that we're a good enough team that, no matter what, if we go down early, we're always in the game."

Right Fielder Joey Martin

On UNC pitcher Kent Emanuel and why he was successful:
"He pitched a great game. He came at us with strikes, walked only one. He got ahead, pitched backwards to me a little bit. First-pitch curveballs, then he came after me with fastballs. I thought we had pretty good at-bats. Like Coach said, we were just lacking that one big hit."

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