Eric Ebron Journal: Ready to Enroll

Eric Ebron, a Tar Heel tight end signee from Greensboro (N.C.) Smith, files his final weekly journal entry at Inside Carolina before enrolling at UNC this weekend.

  Entry #17: Off To College

I'm about to enroll in college, and in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm feeling a lot of eagerness. I'm feeling a little frustration, but I'm more eager than anything. Being the fact that I knew I should have been enrolled already (for the first summer session) and I'm not makes me a little frustrated. But I'm getting there with most of the other freshmen. Really, I'm just waiting for time to fly by, but it goes slow when you really want it to go.

I'm done with mostly all of my paperwork. I just took my Spanish placement exam, which is the only placement test I had to take. I'm just waiting for the day that they'll say "Okay, orientation is over with. You are now Tar Heels." Once I hear that, I'm going to run straight to the team and get to work.

I leave for UNC on Sunday. I'm doing all my packing that morning. This weekend my brother and other family members are coming down, because I graduate Saturday. So I'm going to spend most of the weekend with them.

On Sunday, I'll hug dad, brother, and step mom goodbye. My mom is going to come with me to Chapel Hill and crash at my aunt's house, who lives in the area. We'll do some shopping once we get to the area and we just plan on spending the whole day together before I leave her officially.

Tyler Alberts, who will be my roommate, is already in his room. So, I'm going to stay in my room with him Sunday night, even though it's not officially my room yet until orientation when they tell us our room assignments. It will officially be my room on Tuesday for the summer. I start classes on Wednesday.

On Monday and Tuesday, I'll be going through orientation, which is called CTOPS. They've sent us a packet for CTOPS that I haven't really looked at. I know it talks about how we get registered for our rooms, we get a tour of the campus, and go over things. It's a two-day process. On Tuesday, they'll wish us well and we're on our own.

I'm not exactly sure what classes I'll be taking yet. Joe Haydon (UNC's director of football operations) called me and asked me about classes, but I don't think I get my schedule until Monday. I was going to go into a major in the science field, but I've decided to major in communications.

Academically, I don't really know what to expect. But I do know I don't have to deal with any of this high school stuff anymore. I know I'll get a little bit more freedom and a little bit more trust, and you start maturing – and I'm big on that whole process.

I've talked to Tyler, who enrolled in the first summer semester, and he said it's nothing but fun. He said everything you do here is fun, it's just time consuming. That sounds good to me, because I'm not trying to be bored – I have that ADHD problem.

Athletically, I'm ready. I'm prepared. I've accomplished the weight they wanted me at before I got there (235 pounds). Running comes natural to me – you give me a week of running, whatever it is, and I'm in tip-top shape. I believe I'll be as ready as everybody else.

I've heard it from the offensive coordinator, I've heard it from Butch Davis, and I've heard it from Coach Mo' – as long as I come in there with my head on straight and ready to just play, like I've been playing, then there's no doubt in their minds that the red-shirt won't be on my back.

In closing, as this is my final entry, I love all my fans. Thanks for everyone who followed me on Twitter (too bad I have to shut it down) and I appreciate everyone who read all 17 of my journals. And to my Tar Heel family, I'm going to try my best to make you all proud.


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