Davis: 'A Great Fit for Me'

During North Carolina's first two-day camp, Kedrick Davis decided it was time to make a verbal commitment to the Tar Heels. He spoke first with InsideCarolina.com about his decision ...

What made you commit to UNC?

"When I got there yesterday during drills and working with the coaches, they showed me so much love – that really played a big part in my commitment. The relationship I built with the coaches in a day and a half, it showed me how much they liked me as a player. They really worked with me. When I did something wrong, they were there to correct me and stayed on me and made me work hard."

Heading into the camp, did you anticipate making a verbal commitment?

"I was anticipating it, but I didn't know when. I thought I was going to commit after the camp. But I just loved it – I loved the place."

Take me through the actual commitment.

"[Saturday] morning I had woke up and I met Coach Simmons and I told him I wanted to commit. He took me to Coach [Butch] Davis' office and I committed this morning."

What did Davis say when you gave him the news?

"He said ‘Welcome to the family. We're looking forward to having you here.'"

When was the point when you decided ‘Committing is what I want to do?'

"I talked to my mom [Friday] night and I told her, ‘This is what I think I want to do.' And then I had hung out with the players and I had talked to the players about it.

"It just seemed like a great fit for me. It's close to home and they're a great team."

Are you done visiting other schools?

"I'm still going to go to Kentucky and NC State for a camp just to show my respect. I want to keep my word [about visiting those schools]."

How does UNC plan to use you?

"I think they're going to use me as a wide receiver, but I also worked with Coach Everett Withers a little while. So I'm probably going to be looked at a little bit for defensive back, too."

What are your thoughts on converting to defensive back?

"I'm willing to play any position – as long as I know what I'm doing. I really haven't played defense before."

Has UNC discussed using your speed as a returner?

"Yes. Coach [John] Shoop told me that was going to be one of my immediate positions."

If they keep you on offense, did Shoop discuss how you will be used?

"Yes. He said they would use me in a lot in the slot. He said I'm so fast they want to take advantage of my speed. But I'll be used as an outside receiver."

During the camp, you worked out primarily with Charlie Williams. What was that like?

"He's a great guy, actually. He's a good coach. I respect him to the utmost. I listen to him – everything he tells me, I take it right now. He told me I need to plant harder and I listen to him and plant harder [on my route running]. Whatever he tells me, I do."

What aspect of your game did you improve during the camp?

"Going into the camp, I wasn't really fundamental with breaking down and getting my shoulders over my toes. But, as camp progressed with all the reps, it got better. "And my route running got better, too."

Beside the actual camp, what else did you do while on campus?

"Well, I hung out with Marquise Williams and we just laughed and played games a little bit. And then we went out to eat at a local restaurant."

UNC has offered two of your teammates – Germone Hopper and Nick Dawson. Any plans to help recruit those guys?

"Yea, I'm trying to help North Carolina. But it's up to them. Hopper is committed to Clemson, so it's going to be harder, but I'm going to keep working on him to get him over to North Carolina."

In your opinion, does UNC have a chance with Hopper or is he locked to Clemson?

"At first, I thought North Carolina had a chance. But I think he's going to stick with Clemson – I think that's where his heart is at."

What about UNC's chances with Dawson?

"Nick's undecided right now – I really don't know. He makes me mad, because he's hard to read."

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