Pinion On Verge of Decision

Bradley Pinion had initially planned to have a summer full of camps. The Concord (N.C.) Northwest Cabarrus punter now plans to revisit one of his favorite schools on Monday, camp at another school on Thursday, and then make a verbal commitment before the end of the week.

"I go to [North] Carolina on Monday and then South Carolina on Thursday," Pinion said. "After South Carolina's camp on Thursday, I'm going to make my decision. I'll probably just let the coaches know [about my decision] – I don't want to be ‘showboaty' with a press conference."

Heading into the week, Pinion has two schools that have emerged as favorites.

"My main two are Clemson and North Carolina," Pinion said. "It's pretty equal between North Carolina and Clemson – I can't declare a leader. I just got back from Clemson last week and then I'll visit North Carolina on Monday.

"If South Carolina offers [on Thursday], they'll become an option. They're probably tied for third with Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech hasn't offered, but I've been to their campus and camp this year, and they said they're waiting until after their next camp to make a decision, but they told me when I make my decision to act like I have an offer from them."

Pinion has visited UNC previously, but hopes to answer some questions on Monday.

"I've been there twice before, but I haven't seen the campus," Pinion said. "I've only seen the football stuff and I want to see the whole actual campus, before I actually make my decision.

"I also want to talk to somebody in the psychology department, that's what I want to study. I just want to ask them a few questions about the major. And also, I want to meet some of the athletes and make sure I get along with them."

Additionally, Pinion plans to meet up with close friend and fellow specialist Miller Snyder, who is an incoming freshman already on campus preparing for the second summer semester.

"I'm actually going to text him [Sunday night] and see what he's doing tomorrow and see if he can meet up," Pinion said. "I want to ask him a few questions and see how he's doing so far.

"I talked to him about a week ago. He doesn't try to push me, but he said he would love to have me up there. But he told me to make the decision that's right for me. I did ask him what made him decide to come to Carolina and he said ‘Man, when I visited, it was awesome. I felt like I fit in. It felt good – it felt right.'"

Besides Snyder, Pinion will consult with a couple other people before making his decision.

"My parents told me it's going to be my decision and they're going to support me wherever I go," Snyder said. "But I'm going to [my kicking coach] Dan Orner – I'm going to talk to him [Sunday night] to pick his brain. And I'll talk to my high school coach to see what he has to say about it, because we start workouts on Tuesday."

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