Cameron Impresses UNC Staff

One of Tyler Cameron's main objectives of camping at North Carolina early this week was to leave an impression on a coaching staff that has shown him little attention previously.

"They showed a lot of interest in me [while at the camp]," Cameron said. "Everything went really well."

As planned, Cameron worked out during the afternoon and evening sessions on Monday. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound quarterback from Jupiter (Fla.) made enough of an impression on the UNC coaching staff to be invited back to work out the following morning.

"The kid that they offered was going to be there [Tuesday] morning," Cameron said. "So they wanted me to go ahead and go head-to-head with him."

When the proposal was made, Cameron, whose schedule was open on Tuesday, immediately accepted the "challenge."

"I couldn't pass it up," Cameron said. "Just to compete is always fun. It was a good time. The kid is a really good kid. I got along with him – he's a nice kid. It was good just to be out there."

The invitation also provided Cameron a third opportunity to work out under the guidance of John Shoop, UNC's offensive coordinator.

"It was cool [working out with Shoop]," Cameron said. "He's a funny guy, but yet he can be serious, too. He's just a great person to be around."

After working out at camp, Cameron met individually with Shoop and Butch Davis.

"They told me what's going on with the program," Cameron said. "They said they like me a lot. They like my competitive nature. And really, before this, I wasn't really on their radar, but [my camp performance] really put me in the mix with everybody and they really like me a lot. They'll let me know after this weekend."

Shoop and Davis also described UNC's recruiting situation with regards to quarterbacks.

"The situation they have is they offer one quarterback at a time," Cameron said. "The quarterback I competed against, they offered him six weeks ago. They told me that they gave him a deadline to commit by or else they're going to go to someone else. Actually, this weekend is the deadline. I'll pretty much have a clue [about an offer] after this weekend."

Fifteen schools have offered Cameron a scholarship, including Boston College, Cincinnati, Duke, Illinois, Louisville, Michigan State, NC State, Purdue, Rutgers, South Florida, Tennessee, and Wake Forest.

Before camping at UNC, Cameron camped at Tennessee, NC State, Duke, and Wake Forest. He'll camp at South Carolina on Wednesday.

"I'm feeling good," Cameron said. "I've been taking care of my arm – icing it up and taking all the precautionary things you're supposed to be doing with it. Right now, I'm throwing a good ball."

After arriving home on Thursday, Cameron will participate in a three-day team camp at Florida Atlantic (June 17-19). The next day, he'll begin a set of visits to Illinois, Purdue, and maybe Michigan.

Amid a hectic travel schedule, Cameron is still unprepared to name his favorite schools.

"I haven't really sat down and thought about that," Cameron said. "Really, I've been going to camp, coming home and going to sleep, because I've been so tired. But once I get done taking all my trips, I'll completely narrow it down and find out what are my best situations. Right now, they're all bouncing all around."

After camping at UNC, though, Cameron has developed a favorable opinion of the school.

"I think it would be a great place to play at," Cameron said. "It's convenient – I have family and friends in Cary, N.C. So it wouldn't be a stretch at all to go there."

Cameron is unsure when he'll make a verbal commitment.

"I think it's going to happen when it happens," Cameron said. "When I feel right, that's why it's going to happen. I'm not 100-percent sure when I'm going to commit, but I plan on doing it as soon as possible just to get it out of the way."

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