Robinette: 'It Just Felt Right At UNC'

A day after visiting North Carolina and approximately a month after receiving a scholarship offer from the school, Patton Robinette verbally committed to UNC. He spoke in-depth with about his decision ...

Why UNC?

"To be honest with you, for the past couple of months, I'd had a great amount of great schools come in. I've met some great people [and] some great coaches. It's been a lot of fun.

"But my mom and dad and my coach wanted me to make sure I did everything I can to find a school, which I did – I looked into every school that inquired about me. But in the end, it just came down to feel, I guess. I just felt right at North Carolina. They have the great academic and athletic tradition. The community of Chapel Hill is a great place to live."

Why now?

"I just felt like the time was now. I had made my decision. Everybody was okay about it – everybody in my family was okay about it. So there was no point in waiting."

How did you inform the UNC coaches?

"I called Coach [John] Shoop this morning and told him. He handed the phone to Coach [Butch] Davis and I told him the same thing. They were pretty excited – almost, if not more so, than I was."

How does it feel to get the recruiting process done and out of the way?

"It's a relief. I wanted to get it over with before I got started preparing for my high school season. It's a relief to get it over with so now I can focus on high school football, my teammates, and competing for another state championship."

You went into "media hibernation" the last few weeks. Take me through what was going on during that time frame.

"I guess I was making sure North Carolina was the place. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision and I didn't want any outside influence, except for my family. I only talked about it with my family and my coaches to make sure I was making the right decision – and I think I have."

After visiting UNC the first time, you were mum about your favorite schools lists. When did UNC emerge as your favorite school?

"To be honest with you, the first time I visited there I pretty much knew that's where I wanted to be. Like I said, it was just the feeling of the campus, my comfort level with the coaches, [and] I felt very comfortable with the players. I pretty much knew as soon as I stepped foot on campus I wanted to be a Tar Heel. I had to make sure everybody in my family was on board."

What role did Tuesday's visit play into your decision?

"Tuesday's visit allowed me to be around Coach Shoop [and] see how he coaches, which I enjoyed a lot. My family got to ask the questions that they needed to ask and have them answered.

"[My family] gave me the go ahead, I slept on it last night, and this morning I still wanted to be a Tar Heel so I pulled the trigger."

What type of influence did John Shoop have on your decision?

"Coach Shoop had a great influence. I can't say enough about Coach Shoop. He's such a great guy [and] a great coach. I felt comfortable and it felt right hanging around with him and being coached by him. I know he can push me to not only be the best quarterback I can be, but the best person I can be."

What was it like working out under Shoop on Tuesday?

"He's going to be a guy that's going to push you. He pushes all his players and I feel like he's going to push me to be the best athlete I can be on the field and the best person off the field. It felt good knowing that. I'm looking forward to working together and doing some great things."

Besides participating in camp, what else did you do while you were on campus Tuesday?

"My family and I spoke with Coach Davis for about 30 minutes. I spoke with Coach Shoop and all the other coaches a little after that. We came back, did a little tour. I met with the dean of admissions. I looked at the dorms – my mom wanted to look at the dorms. Finished off with meeting Coach Shoop's family. And I got to talk to Bryn [Renner] a little bit more."

What did Davis discuss during your 30-minute conversation with him?

"Mostly, he was telling me he really liked me at North Carolina, they wanted me to be a Tar Heel. Mostly, my parents asked questions about stuff that they needed answered – they got that answered."

What did UNC say about the game plan with its quarterback depth chart?

"They told me the best player will play. They told me I'll have the opportunity to compete for the starting job, when Bryn leaves, as a red-shirt sophomore or junior.

How firm is this decision? Will you visit any more schools?

"No sir, I'm done with visits. The way Coach Davis explained it; it's kind of like a marriage. They're not going to go out on me and I'm not going to go out on them. I'm going to make sure of that and do what they ask me to do."

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