NBPA: McGary Blowing Up

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- After mostly being courted by home-state schools, the 2012 Chesterton, Indiana post player says that his recruitment recently is "blowing up a little out of proportion."

What began as a trickle has swelled into an all-out flood.

"There were minimal schools talking (to me), like Indiana, Purdue," McGary said, "in-state schools — compared to the Dukes, North Carolinas, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas. Like schools just everywhere, like the big-time schools."

He's not yet willing to reveal a list of schools or possible visit locations due to the fact that he doesn't want to alienate anyone and insists that he's still willing to listen to anyone willing to approach with the idea that he will narrow down his focus within a month.

What he will say is that the schools pursuing him the hardest are Maryland at number one — "I took an unofficial there last week and it went OK; they blew up my phone pretty much every day" - followed by UConn, Florida, Texas, West Virginia, and Kentucky. He later added "Duke and North Carolina are actually coming at me hard. The schools coming at me hard that I didn't mention are North Carolina and Duke."

What McGary seeks, along with his parents, in a college destination is a strong relationship with a great head coach, "a coach that will care for me, that I can trust, and will take me in like a son."

And, of course, playing time, "but that would also be put on me and how hard I work," he said.

He attributes his rise in popularity to success this spring during the tournaments in which he has participated, and he credits that improvement to his enrollment at Brewster Academy a private school in Wolfboro, New Hampshire that boasted eight major D-I signees this year. "Just playing in practice is unbelievable."

As it turns out, his basketball career wasn't the only thing that he enrolled at Brewster to improve.

"I was always a baseball player," McGary said. "I pitched. My dad wanted me to grow up and be a baseball player. I guess ninth grade, one of my teammates who is actually a senior captain at Michigan, Zack Novak, told me I had potential, and he and I worked out a few times. I kind of just loved the game after that and figured I had to work on things. Then later in my career I knew my grades were kind of crappy so I moved out to Brewster and made that transition and everything has been good since then."

According to McGary, he has ADD, attention deficit disorder that affects his ability to focus long enough at times to learn everything he needs to learn. "If you see me zoning off, that's probably why," he explained. "It kicks in every once in awhile and happens during the game too."

Lamar Odom is McGary's favorite player and one he models his game after. (We are) "both 6-10, left-handed," he said. "He plays really hard and I like it. He can also shoot the ball a little bit."

While his game has improved, McGary acknowledges that he still has gaps to bridge, specifically putting his head down after making a mistake. Instead, he seeks to reach the point that he can move on without letting it affect the next play.

At North Carolina Steve Robinson is the coach he talks to the most and hopes to make an unofficial visit but is unsure whether he will.

He said he will announce his decision in the fall, prior to the start of his season.

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