Dortch: 'I Would Love to Go Here'

Almost as soon as he stepped on campus, Nate Dortch fell in love with North Carolina. Thus, when the coaching staff offered him a scholarship, it was an easy decision.

Take me through what happened today.

"I came in, I got registered, and then they took me on a tour of the school and told me about the academics and stuff. Right then, I started liking it, because they talked academics first and I also loved the campus.

"I don't know if they had offering me on their mind. But I guess they liked how I played DB. I play the game fast.

"I ate lunch and then I sat down with head coach Butch Coach and defensive coordinator Everett Withers and they told me that I had a scholarship. I had already made up my mind. So I told them ‘I would love to go here.'"

What was their reaction when you gave them the news?

"They were all smiles and were in a joyful mood."

Committing like you did – on a visit right after receiving the offer – how firm is this commitment?

"It's solid. I'm not going to visit any more schools. I'm done with recruiting. I'm heading to an FAU team camp – that's the last camp I'm doing this summer."

How does it feel to be done with recruiting?

"It feels good. A lot of pressure is off my back [and] now I can focus on my studies and everything else. I'm very happy."

What other schools were you hearing from and had offered you?

"South Alabama, Western Kentucky, Ball State, Indiana, and Iowa State offered me."

When you were talking to the UNC coaches, did they talk about what they liked about you?

"They like the way I transition, my hips, and they said I have a good body frame."

What position are they recruiting you for -- safety or cornerback?


When did you get to speak to Davis and what did he discuss?

"I spoke to him before I went out to camp and I spoke to him after. He was the one who actually told me I had an offer. Before I went out to camp, they just introduced me to him. Afterwards, he talked about the school and the offer."

Heading into this camp, did you envision that you'd leave a Tar Heel?

"I just came into it looking to try my best. It's shocking to me, but it is what it is."

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