NBPA: Freeman On The Rise

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Allerik Freeman, a 6-4 class of 2013 guard from Charlotte, N.C., gives an early look at the state of his recruitment.

Tell me how things stand with your recruitment.

It's equal with everybody. I have a few offers on the table. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy being a teenager, playing basketball, and waiting for the right time to make that decision.

Who are the offers from?

Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Virginia Tech, NC State, Miami, Georgetown, Oklahoma, Baylor, Xavier, and UNLV.

Wow, that's more than a few, really.


What is your interest level in UNC?

I'm very interested in UNC. They are an in-state school. I would love to stay in-state, but I just have to go to the right school that fits.

How much contact have you had with UNC?

They contacted my coach, and my coach let me know. I haven't talked to them personally yet.

Do you have a schedule for narrowing down your list of schools?

I know I will take a few visits in the fall, but other than that I don't really know when I'm going to narrow it down. I'm just going to do it when things feel right.

Do you think you will try to make some unofficial visits to schools that are close by?

Yes, I will. I'll do that this fall. I will probably narrow it down to about seven my junior year, and then my senior year down to five.

What are you looking for in a school—do you even know yet since it's so early?

My relationship with the coaches, style of play, and a home away from home.

Tell me about the style of play you are looking for.

I like to get up and down (the court), and then sometimes I can set up the offense. But I'd rather get up and down in an uptempo (pace).

Do you consider yourself a point guard, two-guard? How would you describe your game to someone who hasn't seen you play?

Probably both, more of a lead guard who has the ball in his hands. Every school that has recruited me has said I could come in, have the ball in my hands, and make plays.

Do you make more plays for yourself or set up teammates?

I set up my teammates first—always set up teammates first. When you are making a play, you're always going to draw the attention of the defense, so that's going to leave somebody open. First you create for other people, and that's when things start coming to you and you can create for yourself.

What would you say is the strong point of your game?

Probably just play-making. I shoot the ball well, and the mid-range is probably the strongest part of my game right now. I can get all the way to the cup, I've got a floater. My defense, just pushing the ball, and creating for others basically.

The way to become a better player is to improve the weak points of your game. What would you identify as that part of the game for you?

Probably my three-point shot, but I need to make my whole game stronger. Getting to the next level, your whole game has to get better. Being more of a leader, being more vocal, making the right decisions, ball-handling, splitting traps, getting to the paint, working on pushing it faster, all that stuff, defense. I need to work on all of that.

Have you played with or against any guys you have built relationships with and discussed playing together in college?

Here at the camp?

Here, AAU, high school, anywhere.

Me and Anton Gill from Raleigh, we talked about playing together. We haven't really decided, but we have talked about it.

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