NBPA: Upshaw Sizing Up the Field

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Robert Upshaw, a 2012 center from Fresno (Calif.), updates the state of his recruitment.

Tell me how your recruitment is going.

My recruitment is going well right now, especially after a year of sitting out. I think I've been doing well since I've started with the full court press from now on. I'm progressing, and at this camp I've been running the floor really well, according to what I've been told by coaches and players. What I've taken from this is just to become a better player.

Where does your list of schools stand right now?

I've been trying to narrow my list down, but they just keep coming so what I'm going to do is wait until I have all of them to make a decision around next year in the spring time when it comes down to a decision. I'm going to narrow it down from 100 and do the best I can.

Do you have an idea of the criteria you will use to narrow things down?

Just looking at the school, the environment, the academics, just the overall relationship that I build with the school I like the most.

What kind of interest have you received from the University of North Carolina?

I have talked to Coach (Jerod) Haase, saying he looks forward to seeing me. He heard a little bit about me and would look into me going to his school.

What do you know about UNC?

Everybody knows about UNC. There is a lot to know about UNC — Coach Williams having a very good program. It's a very good basketball team.

Do you like that style of play, uptempo? Is that a style you could see yourself fitting into?

I can see myself playing in anything as I progress as a player — slow, fast, halfcourt, fullcourt, anything. I just feel like I can do it; I'm a versatile player.

What do you think is the strength of your game?

I think rebounding the ball and scoring in the low post are my biggest strengths.

What would you identify as a weakness that you'd like to improve?

Running the floor, and that's what I've been working on. I've just been running, doing sprints and everything like that. Shedding weight is helping me a lot. I get up and down (the court) now.

What is your weight now?

I'm at 255, down from 280 about two months ago.

What is your target weight?

The weight I'm at is fine because I'm building muscle every day. My body fat is down to about 12.5 percent, down from about 29.5. I'm shedding body weight. If I can build muscle, I'll be in great position.

Are there any guys you've talked to about playing together in college?

No, I haven't talked to anybody about that. Everybody has their own thing. Everybody here is staying back east coast and saying why they made their decision. I wouldn't get into the whole thing about going to school together. You have to get to know someone first. With me, I just keep a great personality and build relationships. I think I can look forward to that later.

Do you have relationships with any players already in college?

I have a couple of guys that I have good friendships with, like my old former teammates. One goes Louisiana-Monroe. Two of them go to Louisiana-Lafayette. My brother, he's in Louisiana. I have relationships with a few guys, and they teach me about how it is in college, how to play at the collegiate level.

Do you have any particularly good relationships with any college coaches?

I have a lot of good talks with coaches. I don't think I have a lot of good relationships yet. But I have a lot of good friend relationships, just talking to them on the phone with them expressing how they would like me at their schools and part of their programs.

Can you name some of those coaches?

It's every school. They give me a call once a month. They send me information through the mail to let me know how their school has done in academics and things like that. It varies.

Robert Upshaw

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