NBPA: Woodbury Putting In Work

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Adam Woodbury, a 2012 post player from Sioux City (Iowa), is a new target for the UNC coaching staff.

Update me on the state of your recruitment at the moment.

I'm still pretty open. I've got some new schools coming in watching me. I'm just having fun with everything.

What schools are giving you attention?

I have about 17, 18 scholarship offers right now. They are all still recruiting me pretty good, and then I have some new schools coming in such as Kansas and North Carolina that haven't offered that are still looking at me.

How did the relationship with UNC develop and where does it stand?

I talked to Coach Robinson a few times. He's a great guy, and I really found him to be a good recruiter. I'm excited to have UNC recruit me, and we'll see where that goes.

What about Coach Robinson makes him a good recruiter?

He's just a down-to-earth guy, and I believe he knows what he's talking about. I've talked to Marcus Paige about him, and he really likes him as well.

What has UNC told you in terms of watching you?

In July when they can come out they said that they would definitely be at my games to watch me and Marcus play. If they like what they see, who knows what can happen.

What is it like playing with Marcus?

Oh, I'm a better player with him on the court.

Why is that?

He's phenomenal. I couldn't ask for a better point guard. He makes me better, he makes everybody else better, and it's just fun to play with him.

Has he tried to sell you on the idea of UNC?

They are a fairly new school, so he hasn't talked to me a whole lot. But I mean, it would be fun to play with a kid like that at any school. If that choice came up, that would definitely be something I'd have to look at.

What do you know about UNC, and what is your opinion of them?

They are a phenomenal basketball school as well as the academics. I know they have a storied history, and Roy Williams has had some great success. It would be fun to play for a coach like that.

They play an uptempo style. Is that a style you could see yourself fitting into?

In AAU that's what we play and so are my high school games, so I can definitely adapt to that kind of play. I feel like I run the court well enough to do some things in that style.

This is the first time I've seen you play, and from watching it looks like you do a little bit of a lot of different things: set screens, rebound, make good passes, score using a hook shot. Is that pretty typical of your game?

I try to do a lot of everything, not be one-dimensional. I've been getting stronger, and as soon as I get even stronger I will be able to do even more. I want to get better at everything.

How do you think your game could fit in at UNC?

I don't know if my game compares to Tyler Zeller at all, but I know he's made big strides over the years being there. If I can make the same strides, who knows.

What do you find appealing about playing at UNC?

Definitely playing in the ACC is a great conference, there are big-time opponents, the fan support they have is second to none, and just Coach Williams and his staff are great people.

What is your schedule for narrowing things down to a manageable list?

It will be after I get done with all these camps and tournaments and stuff. I'll definitely have my decision before my season starts. My season starts probably end of November, so about early to mid-November I'll be having a decision.

Will you be able to take all five official visits?

That might be. It will depend on what comes up. It could change from day to day. I might have to take all of them, only three, who knows?

What criteria will you use to narrow the list down?

I definitely have to look at style of play, the people I'll be playing with, education is part of everything, the coaches, just being able to trust everybody that I'm going there with. Stuff like that.

What do you know about UNC's academics?

I know that — Marcus says — I have heard from a lot of people that they have a great academic program, and the coaches, I'm sure, hold everybody to a high standard, which I like. I think I could excel there.

Do you get to see UNC play very much at all?

Yeah, I watch their games all the time. I'm a big basketball fan so I watch all types of basketball games. They are always on ESPN; they are big-time games. They are definitely fun to watch whether they are playing at Cameron (Indoor Stadium) or playing at home; they are great games to watch.

In terms of your role, has Coach Robinson said how you would fit in?

I'm willing to fill in any role they need me at. He hasn't given me [any information] like that. Anything they need, I'd be willing to help them out.

Do you see yourself playing a primary role on offense or more of a complementary player?

I definitely see myself as a — I could play either, of course — but I definitely like to play more of a primary role. I like to get some touches and I feel like I can get others involved with my passing, just try to make everybody else better.

What do you think is the strength of your game?

I've definitely had some success this week with my jump hook, my passing, and out-thinking people is probably one of my biggest keys.

Is there anything that this camp has showed you is a weakness where you have room for improvement?

Getting stronger is definitely something I need to work on — and I have been. Staying low to the ground is also something (to work on) to keep my position.

Were you a fan of any particular schools when you were really young?

Growing up in Iowa, you either like Iowa or Iowa State, and my parents are Hawkeye fans, so I kind of adapted to them. They have had some down years in recent years. I've been a fan my whole life, but that's not saying I'd go there. I'm going to look at everybody with an open mind; I don't have anything decided yet. I'm just excited (to go through the recruiting process).

Are there any schools that have surprised you with the way they are recruiting you?

Stanford has been recruiting me pretty good. I didn't know I'd be getting looks like that. I try pretty hard in the classroom and to see that really shows me that my work in there is paying off.

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