Davis Makes Name for Himself

With his camp performance a week ago, Sean Davis went from not even on North Carolina's recruit mailing list to nearly leaving Chapel Hill with a scholarship offer.

"I actually wasn't being recruited by North Carolina," Davis said. "My public high school, Potomac High School, they had some kids that were going down there. I had planned on going down to North Carolina the next day to go to Duke and Wake Forest on that Sunday. So I just jumped in the van with them. I showed up at [UNC's] camp and nobody knew who I was and played ball."

By merely playing ball during the Friday night session of UNC's first two-day camp, Davis, a 6-foot-1, 175-pound defensive back from Washington (D.C.) Maret School, made an impression on the UNC coaching staff.

"I think they liked my height – I'm about 6-1 – and I think I ran pretty well – I ran a 4.4 [40-yard dash] – and they liked my backpedal – they said it's pretty smooth – and they liked my hips," Davis said. "I also did well during one-on-ones – I've been working on that and clearly it paid off."

During the latter parts of the camp session and following it, Davis spoke to several members of UNC's coaching staff, including Butch Davis.

"One of the coaches told me he loved my ability," Davis said. "He said they have three scholarships available for my class for cornerback and that he'd love for me to take one of them and play for them.

"During the drills, Coach Butch pulled me out, and asked me how my grades were and what my SAT scores were, and he was pretty happy with those. He asked me what type of school my parents would like to send me to. And I said ‘A great academic school where I can play some great football like the University of North Carolina.' He told me that I have a great chance of fulfilling that dream."

UNC hasn't actually offered Davis a scholarship, yet.

"They're waiting for my transcripts," Davis said. "My head coach has to send them my transcripts."

James Madison, a Division I-AA school, extended Davis his first scholarship offer last Wednesday.

"I just came from the University of Connecticut [on Sunday] and they said they'll probably offer me [on Monday]," Davis said. "I'm calling [on Monday] to get the news."

Besides Connecticut and UNC, Davis has camped at Duke, Marshall, Pittsburgh, Temple, and Wake Forest. He'll camp at Boston College on Monday, followed by Villanova and a return to Temple this week. He'll also camp at Maryland on Sunday.

Through his travels, several schools have begun to emerge as favorite schools for Davis.

"As of right now, the schools that are sticking out are UConn, JMU, and UNC," Davis said. "I'm up in Boston for the first time and I like the city life, but I drove past the campus and it's not as appealing. So hopefully it will be better [on Monday]."

Since camping at UNC, Davis hasn't personally spoken to any member of the staff, but both his head football coach and father have.

Davis, who will be a three-year starter this fall, plays wide receiver and free safety for Maret School where he led the team in tackles and collected four interceptions as a junior. However, most schools, including UNC, are recruiting him as a cornerback.

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