UNC-UT: Postgame Interviews

OMAHA, Neb. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Mike Fox, Kent Emanuel, Jacob Stallings and Ben Bunting, as well as Texas head coach Augie Garrido and his players, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over the Longhorns on Monday.

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Opening statement:
"Well, sensational performance is an understatement probably by Kent Emanuel here. What a performance. A complete game shutout which I don't think you see too many of them out here. Somebody just told me the last one was Robert Woodard on our staff in 2006. So I've been privileged to see the last two out here. "Didn't really surprise us. Maybe that Kent went all nine innings, but he's been on the big stage for us. Down the stretch he's really been throwing well for us. We thought it was going to be a game just like it was. That's typical of a lot of games we've won this year. Not so much complete game shutouts, but just trying to scratch and claw and get a runner or two here and there and trying to hold the other team down and make some good defense and make plays.

"So it's a big win for us. We're excited just to get a win out here and extend our stay a little longer."

Coach have you had a chance to check Kent for a pulse? Because it seems like for a freshman going into a situation like this and really settling in early, it seems pretty characteristic for him the whole season.
"Very characteristic. Other than his left arm, that is his best trait is his demeanor. Very first time I met him, just exactly the way he's always been. I've never seen Kent any different. You just don't see a lot of emotion out of him. That's what you want when you get on the mound especially at this stage.

"But he's under control. I said it before many, many times that he's very mature for his age. And he's been able to handle just the rigors of college baseball and coming in the fall. He's worked. He's very, very committed, and he's had some pretty good examples as well to follow. I think he'll be the first one to tell you that Robert Woodard helped him and all our upper-class pitchers have given him some advice. He's taken it to heart. He was pretty good before he got to North Carolina, and we're happy to have him."

Coach, I saw you have a moment with Roy Williams after the game. Can you share what he said to you after this game?
"I'll be back Wednesday. Just congratulations. Tell the left-hander that was a pretty awesome performance. Reminded me of Robert Woodard, and great job, and I'll be back Wednesday. He's a great supporter of our program."

A lot of times you see guys who don't have a pitcher go to a complete game just to get a pitcher on that mound. Do you have any thoughts in the ninth just to get them on the mound or change your thinking as far as having Kent go back out for the ninth?
"No, because Coach Forbes said as soon as he walked off in the 8th inning that he's going back out there in the ninth. And I'm scared of Coach Forbes, so I told him okay. That was pretty much it. I let him make almost all of the decisions. We've seen Kent do that before, so I mean, he's thrown complete games before. We can tell when he's feeling it and he's throwing a lot of strikes. We wanted him to go back out there.

"That is a thought to get some other guys on the mound in the College World Series because they're probably going to be out there again at some point. But right now you've got to go with the guy that got you to that point in the game. Kent would have probably tried to strangle me anyway if I tried to take him out. But I think he deserved to finish that game."


Kent, I think you had seven infield pop-ups and good fastball velocity. Where did the pop-ups come from? Was that from getting inside, getting guys off balance? How do you think you got some of those weak contacts like that?
"It's definitely from my changeup today. I threw inside less today than I ever have all year. So today is definitely the changeup, just getting them out in front."

Can you talk about how much of a lift you got when you got out of those two innings with double-plays?
"Any time we can end the inning on double-play and get two for one is always big. That's just credit to our outfielders today. Those are two uncommon double-plays, and I was fortunate to have two of them today."



On Emanuel:
"It was a brilliantly pitched game by their pitcher. He was terrific. He got three pitches over. He used them in different count spots where he would lead guys off of changeups. He'd lead guys off with breaking balls. He'd lead guys off with fastballs and he had command throughout the game from beginning to end."

Shortstop Brandon Loy

On the loss and the end of Texas's seasons:
"We didn't come here to be the first team to leave. You're never going to be satisfied, I don't think, unless you come out of here with a national championship. We did some amazing things with this team. It's tough to leave now."

Starting Pitcher Cole Green

On his rough start:
"I think I was leaving the ball up early in the game. Just excited, the nerves were going. They were a good team. Any time I made a mistake, they took advantage of it. They put the ball in play and they saw it well. So we've got to tip our hats to them, but we were just trying to compete."

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