UNC Among Redmond's Top Schools

Will Redmond has developed a favorable opinion of North Carolina after camping at the school last week.

"I love [UNC]," Redmond said. "It's really high up there. When I make my decision, North Carolina is going to be on the top – probably top three out of my top five or six.

"I just liked the people around [UNC] – it was just a good atmosphere. Also, I just liked the campus part of it and the school part of it. Everything is real close together – you don't have to walk way over here for class or football."

Redmond, a 6-foot, 175-pound athlete from Memphis (Tenn.) East, is finalizing his final five schools list

"I pretty much already have my list," Redmond said. "I just want to have it perfect where I know no other school can get into it. So that's why I'm waiting to tell everybody my top five. But I pretty much already have it in my mind."

Shortly after visiting Notre Dame on June 23, Redmond will publicly announce his final five schools list. Those five schools will receive official visits from Redmond.

"I'm going to try to get [my official visits] done," Redmond said. "I'm going to take two or three in September. I'm going to try to get them done during the season, because I want to see the football atmosphere."

After taking all five of his official visits, Redmond will make a verbal commitment.

"Education is first, but it's not only that," Redmond said. "You play football five months out of the year so what happens after football season [is important] – are you just a family during football season or is it all year round? The small stuff like tradition [is important]."

Before traveling to Notre Dame, Redmond will visit Kentucky, Louisville, and Virginia. He has already visited Clemson, Memphis, Miami, Mississippi, Mississippi State, and Tennessee, as well as UNC this summer.

Redmond's UNC visit lasted two days and included participation in both of Tuesday's camp sessions.

"Most schools are okay if you don't work out," Redmond said. "But some coaches don't like to see that. I just wanted to prove to them that I have a good habit of working out."

Redmond, who stars at quarterback on the high school level, worked out at defensive back under Everett Withers and Troy Douglas.

"I went one-on-one with Coach Withers and we worked a lot on the stuff that they do," Redmond said. "And he liked how I preformed. It was a great experience for me."

In addition to defensive back, Redmond also ran a couple routes at wide receiver during one-on-one drills.

"They like me at [wide receiver] too," Redmond said. "But my primary position is going to be defensive back."

Besides working out at camp, Redmond's UNC stay included a camp tour and hanging out with current Tar Heel players.

"A lot of players told me that they really could use me," Redmond said. "I was just getting to know everybody, which is what I'm trying to do on my visits."

Before ending the visit, Redmond met with Butch Davis in his office.

"He said they would love to have me at North Carolina," Redmond said. "He just talked about North Carolina."

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