Gallo Camps, Nears Decision

P.J. Gallo's visit to North Carolina late last week exceeded his expectations.

"I definitely expected it to be very nice when I went down there and it definitely was pretty much everything I expected and little bit more," Gallo said. "It was really cool and I really enjoyed it."

The visit to UNC was Gallo's last recruiting trip, at least for the time being. The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder from Holland (Pa.) Council Rock South has also made visits to Connecticut, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, and West Virginia.

"I think this whole process may come to a close pretty soon," Gallo said. "I'm starting to narrow it down in a couple of weeks and I'm going to decide before the season starts. I'm really just talking it over with my parents right now and my coach. It's getting there, but it's not quite finalized just yet."

Before making a commitment, Gallo will announce a finalist list of three schools from the dozen of schools that have offered him.

"Before announcing, I think I'll do some more research [on my three finalists]," Gallo said. "I might make some more visits, but I'm not sure yet."

Gallo is being recruited as both a tight end and defensive end, with a 60-40 split in favor of tight end. UNC is among the schools recruiting him as a defensive end.

"I like both [positions]," Gallo said. "They both have their pros and cons, so I really don't [have a position preference]."

Gallo scheduled the visit to UNC shortly after receiving a scholarship offer from the school.

"They offered me a couple weeks in advance to that and I just wanted to get down there as soon as I could," Gallo said. "That was a good date for me. It just so happened that the camp was going on then and I wanted to get a little working relationship with Coach [Joe] Robinson."

While several offered recruits visited UNC during camp week and elected not to participate in camp, Gallo worked out during both of UNC'S Friday sessions.

"They asked me if I'd participate in camp and I said ‘Sure, I'll do it,'" Gallo said. "I wanted to learn some things, work with Coach Robinson, learn how he coaches, and get better in the process.

"I learned a lot of things. He taught me some good moves [and] some good techniques. He's a very knowledgeable coach. He's a very straightforward guy, who seems like a great coach to play for."

Shortly after Gallo entered the camp Friday morning, Butch Davis approached the defensive line group and worked out a few of its members including Gallo.

"Butch Davis is a pretty well known guy and it was cool to be coached up by him," Gallo said. "It's something that makes you want to go to North Carolina."

Gallo actually arrived at UNC the day before where he was given a "very detailed" campus tour.

"That was awesome," Gallo said. "The campus was really nice and I really enjoyed it. The facilities were unbelievable. I was very impressed by all that."

Throughout his stay, Gallo had several conversations with Robinson and Allen Mogridge, his area recruiter.

"We talked a lot about things about North Carolina, like where to go to eat," Gallo said. "And then we got down to football. And they told me how they want me there, how they like my quickness off the ball, and that they don't have a lot of defensive ends right now."

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