Bullock Camping for Offers

The recruiting process has been a maddening experience for Darren Bullock.

"Sometimes it's kind of frustrating because there are a lot of guys that are ranked higher than me and then they compete with me at combines and camps, and when it comes to actually receiver and playing football, I'm better than them," Bullock said. "But they clock better than me and that's what a lot of coaches look at."

Bullock, a Durham (N.C.) Southern product, is typically perceived by observers to be among the best wide receivers – if not the best – at every event he has attended. But his 40-yard dash time (4.73 seconds) has prevented the 5-foot-10, 171-pound wide receiver from receiving his first scholarship offer, despite receiving college interest from coast-to-coast.

Bullock is hoping to break through that barrier on the camp circuit. Thus far, he has camped at Clemson, East Carolina, Maryland, North Carolina, and Western Carolina. On Thursday, he'll fly out to Southern Cal where he'll participate in USC's Camp, which he was invited to by its staff. He'll also camp at NC State on Saturday and Virginia Tech on July 9.

Early last week, Bullock participated in UNC's second two-day camp.

"It was a great camp," Bullock said. "I love the way they run their camp. They do a lot of teaching. They do a lot of drills that I can take home and work on myself. As far as one-on-ones, it really helped me improve running routes and getting separation from the defensive back on the top of the route."

During the Tar Heels' camp, Bullock received a status update on a possible UNC scholarship offer from Ken Browning, his area recruiter, and Charlie Williams, UNC's wide receivers coach.

"Coach Browning said he already watched my film and he said he loved my film," Bullock said. "Coach Williams, he said he watched some of my tape, but he hasn't had a chance to watch all of it. I'm going to give them a call in the next week or so and they're going to let me know what they're going to do – if they're going to offer or if they're going to move on. They just got the commitment from Kedrick Davis and they are looking for one or two more [wide receivers].

"The main thing with me is they want me to get my forty right – that's what Coach Browning says. He says if there's anything they could take out of my game, it would be my forty. But on the field, they know my speed is fine, but they want to get me clocking better."

Throughout the camp, Bullock also spoke "a lot" to John Shoop, UNC's offensive coordinator.

"He was telling me how much he liked me," Bullock said. "He said I look good in everything that I was doing."

Bullock also had a brief conversation with Butch Davis.

"[Davis] made a joke," Bullock said. "He said I was like one of his old girlfriends – I never call him or write him. He wants me to give him a call, so I'm going to give him a call whenever I get some free time from these camps."

Following the camp, Bullock's father spoke to Davis.

"He told my dad that I had tremendous ball skills, body control, and route running," Bullock said.

Outside of camp activities, Bullock didn't do much else during the two days he spent in Chapel Hill.

"I've been up there plenty of times, so I pretty much know everything about the campus," Bullock said. "I know the campus inside and out."

Two schools have emerged as favorites for Bullock.

"Right now, I would say UNC and Virginia Tech are sticking out," Bullock said. "If I had to pick, those would be it. But really, it's all even – I have an open mind to every school.

"I've been to UNC, NC State, and ECU a lot. I talk to the Virginia Tech coaches a lot – I haven't been up there yet, but my best coach relationship would probably be with them. Also, I have a good coach relationship with Coach Browning."

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