Camp Yields Offer for N.J. OL

Although not immediately, John Ferranto's North Carolina camp performance resulted in a scholarship offer.

"The funny thing is a couple of days after participating in the camp I called Coach [Sam] Pittman," Ferranto said. "He said after I left they talked it over and they said since I did everything that they said, they liked the way I worked, and they liked me as a person, there was no reason to not give me an offer."

The UNC offer is Ferranto's fourth Division I-A offer. Connecticut, Temple, and Tulane have also offered the 6-foot-5, 250-pound offensive lineman from Burlington (N.J.) Township. All of his offers arrived after the last week of May.

"[The UNC offer] was very unexpected for me," Ferranto said. "I know how it's an ACC powerhouse. They're a really big school. It meant a lot to me because it shows I can play at these big time schools."

Ferranto first heard from UNC during the final day of the May Evaluation Period.

"Coach [Allen] Mogridge, he came in and said ‘Look, I don't really know much about you. I heard rumors about a big kid that's in Burlington Township, so I just decided to stop by,'" Ferranto said. "He wanted me to come to camp. I was going down to Duke anyway so I said ‘Yeah, I'll stop by and do a session.'"

With his father in the stands, Ferranto participated in Monday's final session of UNC's second two-day camp. As soon as he arrived, he received a ton of attention from the Tar Heels' coaching staff.

"First, I wasn't really expecting to go in there and receive all that attention," Ferranto said. "Once I got there and started working with Coach Pittman – I'd been going to a lot of camps and picking up things – I felt everything started to come together for me at that camp. I started to be able to apply everything I was learning [at UNC's camp]."

"For the first hour, hour and fifteen minutes, I didn't know what to expect. [Pittman] has a pretty serious look on his face all the time. But I really liked his intensity and the way he coaches."

When the session concluded, Ferranto's workout wasn't over. He continued to long snap in front of just about every UNC coach, including Butch Davis.

"I long snap for my high school," Ferranto said. "It's not something that I majorly do. But it's a little extra that I can show that I'll be able to do."

UNC will graduate starting deep snapper Mark House following the 2011 season.

"They told me that their [deep] snapper was leaving and that me being able to long snap adds a little value to me," Ferranto said. "It's just one more reason I'd be able to go to North Carolina."

After working out, Ferranto meet with Pittman in his office that night.

"We talked for a little bit," Ferranto said. "Mostly what we talked about in his office was how he was very impressed with what I did at camp. He said that I did everything that he told me. But the only thing was when he went back and looked at the film – for my high school I play defensive line and I maybe got 25 plays on offense – there just wasn't enough film at the time for him to [offer]."

At the UNC coaching staff's request, Ferranto and his father returned to the school the following day. After a full campus tour, Ferranto met with Butch Davis in his office.

"[Davis] pretty much told me the same thing," Ferranto said. "He said ‘We really liked everything you did. We liked how you worked and everything. But there's not too much film on you, so we can't get a very good evaluation.'"

Ferranto understood UNC's situation.

"There wasn't too much disappointment, because I really understood where they were coming from," Ferranto said. "I've been under the radar with a lot of schools, because I lack game film. So I pretty much knew exactly what [UNC] was talking about."

Besides UNC, Ferranto has camped at Boston College, Duke, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Temple. He has also attended junior days at Connecticut, Rutgers, and West Virginia, and several games at nearby Rutgers. He'll attend his final camp, Rutgers, on Tuesday.

"I plan on taking a couple of weeks off, because it's been every weekend [and] every week there's been something," Ferranto said. "So I plan on taking a couple of weeks off and let everything sink in."

Following his recruiting hiatus, Ferranto will determine which schools he's truly interested in and then visit or revisit those schools with both of his parents.

"My mom is going to want to check out the schools," Ferranto said. "So we'll go back with my mom and get a more extensive tour and spend more time with the coaches."

Ideally, Ferranto would like to make a verbal commitment before his senior football season begins.

"I'm not trying to rush the decision, but I definitely would like to have it done before or really early into my senior year," Ferranto said. "I don't know if I'll take official visits, but I'll definitely come back and take unofficial visits [during the summer]."

Heading into his break from recruiting, Ferranto doesn't claim any favorite schools.

"I just like so much about every school," Ferranto said. "So I can't really just pick out which one I like more than the other ones. So right now, it's pretty even."

At the very least, UNC will be among the schools to receive a second look from Ferranto.

"I liked it a lot," Ferranto said. "I liked everything about it. From a football standpoint, everything was just perfect. Now, I have to see if it fits me outside of football."

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