Ginyard waiting for UNC offer

Marcus Ginyard was in Chapel Hill last week meeting with the new UNC coaches -- and last night Roy Williams traveled to Arlington, Va. to see the talented rising junior. <i>IC</i>'s Clint Jackson spoke to the Ginyards for an update.

Certain things are guaranteed when it comes to recruiting. Some players will look at the NBA out of high school. A select few may even be able to make the jump. And some players will have their pick of any college in the country.

In the case of 6-5 Marcus Ginyard, it's fairly certain that he will probably be one of the top players in his class and he should have the opportunity to pick from a large number of college programs. One of them is more than likely going to be the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The 2005 G/F from Bishop O'Connell is easily one of the best ten players in his class at the current juncture. Blessed with size, excellent ball-handling skills, a pro body and oozes of athletic ability -- Ginyard is an elite recruit. The previous staff in Chapel Hill was a big fan of his game. And it looks like Roy Williams and Co. are very interested as well. Ginyard and members of his family spent a good portion of a day on the campus and met the new staff last week.

"We spent about four hours on campus," said Ron Ginyard, Marcus' brother and the assistant coach at O'Connell. "We met Roy Williams and the rest of his staff. They [the staff] were still getting settled in and still had a lot of unpacking to do."

The Ginyards got the chance to spend some intimate time with the new coach, who had just arrived from Lawrence, Kan.

"We sat down and talked to Coach Williams and he was really honest with us," Ron said. "He told us that while he wasn't quite ready to make a scholarship offer, that he was very interested in Marcus and wanted to see him play. He hadn't yet seen him play, but his assistants had and that he liked the scouting reports that he had seen."

Marcus chimed in as well:

"I had a real good time," he said. "Just walking around the campus, going to lunch and sitting down with Roy. He told me that he envisioned returning the Carolina program to the top."

Williams shared some long-term thoughts with the Ginyards as well, offering his ideas on the direction of the program.

"He told us that with the players that he was looking to bring in next season -- that Marcus would fit really well in the scheme of things," Ron said. "He said that he was looking to bring the Carolina program back to glory."

Williams was in Arlington Wednesday night watching O'Connell in an open gym and while an official scholarship offer hasn't been made to Ginyard, it's easy to see that the 16-year-old honor student is waiting for one.

"It hasn't happened just yet," Marcus said, "but I'm waiting for it."

And while he's waiting on a scholarship offer from the new regime in Chapel Hill, he's certainly in no rush to decide anytime soon.

"We're still in the relationship phase of the recruitment right now," Ron said. "The only places that we've visited are Duke, Carolina and Notre Dame and as of right now, they'd all three be near the top of his list. We've got some other schools that want him to visit and we're planning on doing that as well. But as for Carolina, they're right up there near the top of his list, that's for sure."

"They've always been up there," added Marcus.

Ginyard, who carries a 3.8 GPA while taking many honor classes, plays his summer basketball with the DC Blue Devils alongside 2004 PF/C Brian Johnson, another highly regarded UNC target who already has an offer from the staff at UNC. He and Johnson have spoken about the opportunity to play together on the next level and both are admitted Tar Heel fans.

While some things are never set in stone with basketball recruiting -- it's fairly certain that the staff in Chapel Hill will be watching him closely this summer and that may lead to a scholarship offer in the very near future.

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