Target 2004: Kellen Heard

Texas high school rising senior Kellen Heard would like nothing more than to be recruited as a defensive tackle by UNC. Heard also plays offensive tackle, but if he has his way, he will give up that position in college.

Heard registered 89 tackles for Wharton last as a junior, including 35 tackles for loss and seven sacks. He was named first-team all-district and was also named honorable mention all-state.

Inside Texas rates him as the 20th best prospect in the state. On the basketball court, he averaged 25 points per game and 10 rebounds. On Houston's Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) squad, he averages 15 points per game.

Realistically, Heard's best chance of playing two sports at Carolina would include junior varsity basketball. But that may be OK, since the Tar Heels are Kellen Heard's first love.

"I stayed in Chatham County (near Chapel Hill) for about six months and had the opportunity to see North Carolina play," Heard said. "I have fallen in love with the place ever since."

This was in 2000 at a time when Carl Torbush was the coach at North Carolina and Ronald Curry under center for the Tar Heels. Coincidentally, Torbush now coaches an hour and a half away at Texas A&M. Like Curry, Kellen would like to wear two jerseys at UNC.

"I was really excited when I heard Roy Williams was going to be the coach there," he said.

Heard is receiving mail from basketball recruiters at the about the same pace that he is for football. Currently, he has about 15 football scholarship offers from such schools as Texas, Texas A&M, Louisiana State, Colorado, Kansas, and Florida.

"North Carolina, Texas, and Texas A&M are my favorites followed by Florida State, Florida and Louisiana State," Heard said. "I wish North Carolina would contact me. I would like to go there for camp and I would like to make an official visit there."

He said he would like to decide on a school before the football season starts in the fall. Heard's mother works for the railroad and Kellen says that he would like someday to work for the railroad in some capacity -- possibly design.

Heard still has family that lives in North Carolina, and they are encouraging him to return to the Tar Heel state. He also has a former classmate the will be at UNC, Lionell Green.

"I think I had something to do with Lionell going to North Carolina in the first place," Heard said. "I told him before he visited Chapel Hill that I would bet him $100 that he would wind up committing to Carolina. I knew he would like it. I guess you could say that I helped Carolina recruit him."

Green's family lives close to Kellen in Wharton, Texas and the two families talk frequently.

Wharton head coach Russell Roberts said he thinks Heard will be a good one in college. He also talked about Green as well.

"Lionell has a brother a bit older than him," Roberts said. "Most folks recruited him more so than Lionell. We never had a chance to time Lionell because he was always busy playing different sports so we did not know he was fast until we reviewed tapes of all our games and realized that he ran down every player he pursued."

Kellen Heard
Height: 6-6 1/2
Weight: 340
40-time: 5.0
BP: 365
Squat: 560

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