Marcus ‘High on UNC'

Jamal Marcus left North Carolina on Friday as the MVP of the school's "Beast of the Hill" seven-on-seven passing tournament.

"It was real big," Marcus said. "I got a chance to play outside linebacker and [the UNC] coaches got a chance to see me."

In addition to playing out of position – the 6-foot-1, 219-pounder stars at defensive end for Durham (N.C.) Hillside – Marcus was limited during the latter portion of the event with cramps.

"I was a little surprised that I won [the MVP]," Marcus said. "I thought a couple of players on my own team were deserving to win it – like Collyn Anderson, my quarterback, or one of my DBs. But knowing how I played in the early games, I was happy to get it."

Marcus' play helped Hillside go undefeated and win the tournament to become the fourth "Beast of the Hill."

"We all want to win the state championship again and this just brings us one step closer and proves that we can do it," Marcus said. "It was a real big honor and we did it together."

When the event broke for lunch, Marcus was taken off the practice fields by a golf cart driven by Butch Davis.

"He talked about how many different ways they're going to use me [and] how my future would be if I came to UNC," Marcus said. "They would use me as a hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker."

Throughout the day, Marcus also had several conversations with Joe Robinson, UNC's defensive line coach, who reiterated Davis's message.

Although Marcus maintains that he doesn't have any favorite schools, Friday's visit improved UNC's chances.

"I'm really high on UNC right now," Marcus said. "I really liked that I got a chance to talk to Coach Davis and talk to the D-line coach and all the coaches. It went real well. I'm really liking UNC right now."

Marcus wouldn't go as far as to name UNC, or any school for that matter, his leader.

"I don't have a leader," Marcus said. "But I'm considering [UNC] a lot. They're close to the top."

Although his senior football season is quickly approaching, Marcus is hoping to squeeze in a couple more recruiting trips before the end of the summer. The destinations of those visits have not yet been decided.

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