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Inside Carolina has assembled its panel of experts -- beat writer Greg Barnes, analyst Buck Sanders, former Tar Heels Mark Paschal and Scott Lenahan, co-host Tommy Ashley and WCHL's John Stillman -- to discuss all aspects of UNC's sudden decision to fire Butch Davis for a special edition of the Radio Show ...

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Excerpts ...

Greg Barnes: "I'm at a loss for words because Chancellor Thorp and Dick Baddour have acquired respect for how they've handled this process dating back to last July when all this broke ... they've stuck to the whole cooperation angle and what happened on Wednesday completely unraveled all of that."

Mark Paschal: "If the powers that be thought this was necessary, they should have done this eight months ago or more. It's not fair to these coaches, to the current players; it's just really disappointing that just now they decide that enough damage has been done."

Scott Lenahan: "It's deja vu, you look at last season and what went down and how nothing like that could happen again. ... It's going to need to be a collective effort going in, I wouldn't say there's just one coach who will lead the team."

Buck Sanders: "Somebody's got to step up to that microphone and make sense of all this and it's not going to be easy to do - it's not going to be easy to just say 'trust us, it's going to be ok.' They're going to have to really come with something strong at tomorrow's press conference or they're in a world of trouble."

John Stillman: "More likely this is bowing to the academics and those that don't want big-time football. They think football isn't becoming of an academic institution and I think those people have a lot of power in Chapel Hill. Look at other football schools that have great academics. Do you think the academic people at Michigan think their academic reputation is judged by the misbehavior of a few football players?"

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