Spiece Run 'n Slam, Day 3

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Mike Conley helped guide the Spiece Indy Heat to the championship in the 15-year old division. Read about him and get the latest news, notes and school lists from the Spiece event.

Sunday Scoreboard

17-and under

Finals: Philly MJC 62, Dajuan Wagner All-Stars 53.

Semifinals: Philly MJC 85, The Family 69; Dajuan Wagner AS 89, DTA Wisconsin 84.

Quarterfinals: Philly MJC 72, Ft. Sooy 64; The Family 59, Cincinnati Black 48; DTA Wisconsin 69, All-Ohio Red 67; Dajuan Wagner AS 72, Martin Bros. 66.


Finals: Spiece Indy Heat 62, The Family 41.

2004 Checklist

Kyle Lowry, PG, Philly MJC: He was terrific all weekend long. There wasn't a kid in the event that checked him well enough to earn a second assignment. In terms of putting a team on his back and leading them to a championship, this was as good as it gets. Let's be honest, Philly wasn't the deepest or most talented team in the event. Lowry just wouldn't let them lose.

Charron Fisher, PF, Dajuan Wagner All-Stars: Like Lowry, he didn't play on the most talented team in his bracket. Still, Fisher fought his way to 25 in the semis. The Roman Catholic product is basically a power forward with small forward size. He gets on the glass and out-energizes opponents. He just never gives up.

A.J. Ratliff, CG, Spiece Blue Demons: In watching him for the second time, we appreciated what he does. The kid is athletic and plays at both ends. The knock on him coming into the event was that he's not consistent. Well, he plays with such poise and grace that it might only appear that he doesn't play hard. He had a tip dunk at the buzzer to end a half in the game we saw.

2006 Checklist

Mike Conley, PG, Spiece Indy Heat: The left-hander dealt The Family 22 points in the championship game. We charted him earlier in the day when he 18 points in a playoff game. He gets steals, converts lay-ups and plays under control. He's one of the finest underclassmen in Indiana.

Romar Smith, SG, The Family: We didn't see a whole lot of teams in this division but his thunderous one-handed dunk in the semis made everyone in the gym look up. He's a legit high-major scorer and has a scary body for a freshman.

Greg Oden, C, Spiece Indy Heat: The talk is that he's the best frosh in Indiana and at 6-10, he certainly looks the part. Like most big kids his age, his defense is way ahead of his offense but that's sure to come. He's got great size, blocks shots with his elbows and had a dozen boards in one game we watched.

Off The Dribble

Small forward Tony Passley of the Spiece Blue Demons is a good mid-major target but probably didn't have his best game today. It appears that he's got a nice frame and a penchant for rebounding. ... Justin Cerasoli had a game-winner when he stole the ball with 18 seconds left against the Houston Westside AS. He raced to the rim, was fouled and sank the winning free throws. ...

Joe Crawford had all 14 of his team's fourth quarter points against the Indy Hoosier Stars. ... Derek Drews of the Spiece Top Dogs is a member of the Class of 2005 and a very good player. He's savvy, makes shots and hustles. He could be recruited anywhere from mid to high-major when the time comes. ...

Jermyl Jackson-Wilson had a great tournament for the DTA team. He's caught in grade limbo right now. He's got some schools after him this year or he could head to prep school for a 5th season and see what kind of high-major interest he generates. The kid hustles, rebounds and makes athletic plays. ...

News & Notes

Why is Memphis so high on Ratliff's list? Well, current Memphis assistant Tony Barbee attended the same high school as Ratliff. ... This was a terrific weekend in Fort Wayne but it would have been complete had junior James Hardy and sophomore Josh McRoberts made cameos at the Spiece Fieldhouse. ...

Mike Conley, the MVP of the 15s, is the son of the former Olympic Medalist with the same name. Conley's dad was a big time triple jumper. ... Luke Zeller has offers from Butler, Iowa, Purdue, North Carolina State and Marquette. Not bad for a soph. ... Sean Livingston needs rest. He's taking the next two weeks off after gutting it out on an injured ankle all weekend long. ...

Looking for a school list for Kyle Lowry? Try Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Xavier, St. Joe's, UConn and Ohio State. ....


FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Sunday at Spiece belonged to Kyle Lowry. The point guard from Philly single-handedly guided Philly MJC to the championship of the Run 'n Slam. To get to the finals, he dropped 41 on The Family. Lowry Hangs 41 On The Family In Semis

Here we are in Fort Wayne, the heart of the Midwest, and a pair of neighbors from the East Coast make it to the title game. Go figure.

On Sunday evening, point guard Kyle Lowry scored 18 points to lead Philly MJC past the Dajuan Wagner All-Stars of New Jersey, 62-53 in the championship game of the 10th Spiece Run 'n Slam.

For his efforts, Lowry was named the MVP of the tournament.

Both the Wagner All-Stars and MJC teams had to play four games on Sunday and each got involved in a sprint in the semifinals. Then, the pace slowed down considerably to a turtle race in the finals.

Lowry's finest hour of the weekend came against The Family in the semifinals. Lowry proved to be unguardable and hit for 41 points and his team won 85-69. He was scoring every which way possible. Folks, let's put this into perspective. He scored 41 points in his third game of the day and 8th game of the tournament.

The Family was led by its two big guns who combined for 50 points. Malik Hairston hit for 26 and Joe Crawford went for 24. Ron Coleman scored 13.

Dajuan Wagner's bunch sweated one out against DTA Wisconsin 89-84. The Wagner teams' MVP throughout the event was forward Charron Fisher. He had 25 in the win and guard Shamari Moore had 22. DTA's Dupree Fletcher lead all scorers with 27 and forward Jermyl Jackson-Wilson had 22.


Many thanks to the great people who make the Spiece event possible, especially tournament directors Bill Hensley and Gerald Hirschy who do a great job with the event!

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