Parker Bringing 'A' Game

PORTLAND, Ore. - Jabari Parker won the Most Valuable Player award at the Nike Global Challenge last weekend after his USA Midwest team beat a very talented Canadian team.

Parker fouled out of the championship game and never really found his rhythm in the contest. Truth is, the fouls were the best defense against the 6-foot-8 Chicago native. The class of 2013 prospect capped off a dazzling summer with a great three-game run in the Pacific Northwest.

Looking back on the grassroots season, Parker said the lessons learned have helped mold him into an even better competitor.

"I got better experience. I never really grew up playing the top AAU teams so this was a great experience for me," Parker said. "Playing at the Peach Jam gave me better experience against the top guys. I had to learn how to bring my ‘A' game every time out. I have to stay on my feet and stay composed." ranks him as the top player in the class of 2013. There are some that believe Parker is the best player in the country regardless of class. That's a bold opinion to be placed on a kid with two years left in high school.

Parker says those kinds of comments only push the motivation levels up for him.

"It gives me a sense of urgency as to where my game is at," he said. "I wouldn't say I'm the best player in any class. These other guys play so well. All that does is give me the drive to go out every day and play my hardest to work my hardest."

With the tag of being the best in class being placed upon Parker, the big-time college basketball programs are knocking on the door. North Carolina is one of several schools trying to woo the kid that observers are calling a mixture of Grant Hill, Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony.

Roy Williams recently extended an offer to Parker via his parents – Sonny and Lola.

"I haven't talked to (Williams) but I know they recently offered. That's a good feeling," Parker said. "I'm excited that one of the top programs in the country would offer me.

"(UNC and other elite programs) are all looking me and highly recruiting me. Since I'm only a junior I'm not their peak prospect because I know they are looking at a lot of seniors. Getting recruited by those schools is pretty good because the top freshmen, well, they go there. They are always winning and they get a lot of exposure and I'm grateful that I can be looked by them."

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