Target 2004: Chris Becker

Chris Becker is a lot like most kids that live in Northwest North Carolina. He likes to hunt and fish and he enjoys playing football for Mount Airy Senior High.

Becker, a 6-0, 270 pound lineman on both sides of the ball helped his team to a 7-4 record and a berth in the NCHSAA Class 1-A state playoffs, is open to any school that has an offer for him. He has not ruled out anything at this point, and he doesn't plan to anytime soon.

"Chris has been getting a lot of contact from the UNC staff, as well as some signed correspondence from Coach JB," his father, Greg, said.

Becker has received mail from the Tar Heels and a number of other schools – including Duke, ECU, Wake Forest, Elon and a few others.

"I'm just open right now to any opportunities," Chris told "The academics at UNC are great. They have a lot of things that stand out to me and they do a good job there. It looks like they are on the rise."

Becker noted that UNC has top-notch academics, and that is something that stands out in his mind.

"That is important," he said. "I've done my best in high school and the location of a school will play a role also. I'm looking for tradition and a good environment."

Grades are not a problem for Becker, who is an honor roll student with a 3.4 GPA. He plans to take the SAT on Saturday and made more than 1100 on the Pre-SAT.

Mount Airy coach Kelly Holder said Becker is a good player that was an anchor for his team last season.

"A kid with his strength and mobility is an asset for us," Holder said. "He is an intelligent kid and has a lot of things going for him."

Holder said he fears that Becker will be overlooked by major programs because he is not 6-3. But, he thinks Becker deserves a shot to play for a big-time program.

"It's a shame that some will overlook him," Holder said. "We are hoping someone will give him a chance and we know that he is worth a look."

Holder said that Becker can do well at a D-1 school, if he works hard.

"It's what you do when you get there that counts," Holder said of the transition from high school to college. "Lifting, working out and competition is so much more intense at that level. It's a lot of luck involved too. There are those who get a chance early on, and there are a lot of variables. We are hoping he will grow some and I think he will do well wherever he goes. He is a guy who gets the most out of himself. We will see how it goes."

When asked what he does well, Becker said he is a good communicator.

"I try to lead by example and just play my hardest the entire game," he said.

However, he did admit he can work on the mental aspect of the game.

"I just need to prepare myself for the next level because it's going to be difficult there," Becker said.

That is something he will work on as he attends several one day camps this summer. He has a list of schools he'd like to see and UNC is on that list.

"I want to see as many schools as I can," he said. "UNC will be one of those."

Holder plans to work with Becker on his footwork – although he said Becker has good feet – and improve his foot quickness. One way to improve that is with shuttle runs and ducks walks.

"You are never as good as you can be and he is working on speed and weights," Holder said.

Holder would also like to see more anger on the field from his lineman.

"He probably needs to get a little bit meaner," Holder said. "A lot of kids are good football players but very few have an intense football mentality. He needs that killer instinct. There are times where he could dominate a kid, but he just gets the job done. We want him to demolish a kid and very few kids have that edge."

Chris Becker
6-0, 270
Bench: 365
Squat: 470

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