Training Camp Superlatives

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – With North Carolina's training camp wrapped up and James Madison prep work already in progress, Inside Carolina polled several Tar Heels on Thursday afternoon.

Breakout player on offense:

"I'm going to go with Giovani Bernard." – offensive guard Jonathan Cooper

"I'd say on offense it's No. 26 – Giovani Bernard. I think everyone has said it in the media, but he's just an exciting guy to be around. I think having him in the backfield is going to be a big-time plus. I'd say our whole running backs [group]. You've got A.J. [Blue] back there and Ryan [Houston], but if I had to point one out, it would be Giovani Bernard." – quarterback Bryn Renner

Breakout player on defense:

"I've got a couple of guys. I'll take Sylvester [Williams] and I'll take Jordan Nix. And I feel like Jon Smith is going to help us a lot. Those three guys, being that they haven't really played much, I feel like they're going to be a part of the defense and make a lot of big plays for us." – linebacker Kevin Reddick

Breakout player overall:

"I'm going to go with the quarterback, Bryn Renner. I think he has a lot to prove. I feel like he has a chip on his shoulder and I think he's going to come through and be something that probably nobody imagined, being that this is going to be one of his first times getting out on the field in action. So I think he's going to be the breakthrough player and I think we're all depending on him and relying on him to actually come through." – defensive end Quinton Coples

Offensive surprise of training camp:

"I may go with Gio, because we have had huge expectations on him, but just hadn't seen it. But I was also surprised with some of the young tight ends. Eric Ebron and Jack Tabb, they've been great catching the ball. Jack's been great at getting the YAC yards (yards after catch). That's one thing that has really impressed me about him. And both of them have blocked very well." – Cooper

"Jheranie Boyd. I think the focus he has now – not saying he didn't have it last year, he had a great LSU game – but I'm just looking forward to getting him the ball more. He had a great camp. He barely dropped a ball this camp. He looks quick. He obviously has all of the athletic ability to be a great receiver, but I think he's put it all together and eliminated his mental mistakes." – Renner

Defensive surprise of training camp:

"I would say the whole secondary, as far as the young guys, the ones that just came in. The whole secondary has shown a lot of growth and maturity. I would say the secondary has definitely grown and become a good secondary with good prospects. I don't think anyone is in a position to actually be red-shirted. I think every one of them has something that they can bring to the table to help us win this year… I think they have a lot of talent and ability." – Coples

Hardest defensive lineman to block:

"You trying to start a fight (laughs). I'm going to go with the whole D-line… I feel like Sylvester Williams is going to add an extra element to our pass rush and he may be the missing piece that we've been needing, so he is a very good player." - Cooper

Best blocker on offense:

"Nobody." – Reddick

Hardest hitter on defense:

"I'll take Ebele Okakpu. I'm more of a ‘make the tackle, make the play' guy. He's more of just ‘a come down and try to [smack you]'. As far as the hardest hitter, I think Ebele is." – Reddick

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