Heinz recovering from surgery

In his last game of the season, North Florida Christian quarterback and North Carolina 2003 signee Roger Heinz was asked to play defense in the secondary due to the opponent's adept passing game. Unfortunately, the ever-competitive Heinz ran into a 245-pound tight end on a pass play, subsequently separating his left shoulder.

However, in a display of his toughness, he was able to pop it back in and complete the game.

Heinz underwent shoulder surgery this off-season. On Thursday, he told Inside Carolina that he still plans to arrive in Chapel Hill on time.

"I am going to be there June 22," Heinz said. "I can't wait to get there and start working out with Coach [Jeff] Connors. I plan to work hard from the start and be ready to compete with the other QBs as soon as possible."

Doctors told Heinz that it would be loose and that he would have an 85 percent chance of a reoccurrence if he did not tighten it up some by putting in screws.

Heinz is now back to the point where he can lift weights and looking forward to getting access to the UNC doctors to complete his rehabilitation.

Heinz said he still believes that he will be ready to go by this fall if called upon to play.

Heinz also shed some light on safety/wide receiver Mark Root, a teammate that has been contacted by the UNC coaching staff. Root's brother Matt originally signed with Notre Dame, but decided to transfer to Florida State due to some differences with new Fighting Irish coach Tyrone Willingham.

Root is a 6-foot-3, 190-pounder that Heinz says is the most intense player that he has ever played with. He is the only North Florida Christian player being recruited by North Carolina, though there are two other Division-1 caliber prospects on the team.

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