Checking in With Demario Pressley

JAMESTOWN, NC--Tar Heel football target (DT) Demario Pressley turned in some impressive numbers at the latest Shrine Bowl combine at Ragsdale High School. IC checks in for an update on the recruitment of one of the state's top players.

Who have you received offers from, so far?

About 20 schools: all the ACC schools, Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan State, and some others

It sounds like you can write a ticket to where you want to go. Are you interested in playing close to home?

I would like to, but it doesn't really matter right now.

When do you want to narrow down your list to ten and then make a decision?

I'll narrow it down, probably, after the season. Then I'll make my list.

Have you scheduled any visits or gone on any unofficial visits?

I've been to some games at [NC] State, Carolina, and Duke.

What factors are you considering in making your decision?

Atmosphere, graduation rate, how the coaches feel about their players, and things like that.

Are there any players who you either do want to play with or don't want to play with that could affect your decision?

Possibly, but that's not a strong factor.

Who do you feel like is showing you the most interest?

Carolina, [NC] State, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, and Virginia.

Were you a fan of any schools growing up?

All the ACC schools in North Carolina, like [NC] State, Carolina, Wake.

Do you know any players on any of the local teams?

I know Isaiah Thomas who just came to North Carolina and the guy at State, Mario Williams.

Have you talked to any of those guys about playing together?

I talked to Mario. He said it's really good at State.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer in terms of camps?

I'm going to go to one-day camps at Wake, [NC] State, and Carolina.

Demario Pressley seen here running a 4.96 40-yard sprint at the Shrine Bowl combines at Ragsdale H.S.

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