Gurley Attends First UNC Game

Todd Gurley attended his first North Carolina football game on Saturday.

"It was good," Gurley said. "The fans were good. It was how I expected it to be like, because I've been to a basketball game [at UNC]. I figured the basketball games and the football games would probably be around the same."

The game, which UNC won handily 42-10, was Gurley's second college football game. The 6-foot-1, 192-pound running back from Tarboro (N.C.) attended the Duke-Miami game last fall.

"[Saturday at UNC] was a whole lot better," Gurley said.

During pregame warm-ups on Saturday, Gurley joined Everett Withers on the field for a brief conversation.

"Coach [Marcus] Berry, he told me that Coach Withers wanted to talk to me real quick," Gurley said. "It was good being out on the field like that. He thanked me for coming out. He told me how they felt about me. And he wanted me to enjoy the game."

Also prior to kickoff, Gurley exchanged pleasantries with UNC assistant coaches Ken Browning, Sam Pittman, and John Shoop. After the game, Gurley had a much more lengthy conversation with Browning, his primary recruiter.

"[Browning] just talked to me about the offense and just how everybody looked," Gurley said. "He introduced me to a couple of players after the game."

UNC has been Gurley's leader for several months now, while Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, NC State, and Virginia Tech round out the rest of his favorite schools list. Saturday's visit did nothing to change that.

"Everybody knows how I feel about Carolina," Gurley said. "It's just good to get on campus more and see how things are. The more you get on campus, the more you know about the school, the coaches, [and] the players."

Gurley says his collegiate decision remains on hold until after UNC meets with the NCAA's infractions committee.

In the meantime, Gurley will continue to attend college football games. He plans to travel to Athens this Saturday for the Georgia-South Carolina game and figures to attend the East Carolina-UNC game in Greenville on Oct. 1. He also hopes to catch a game at Virginia Tech next month.

"I'm just trying to see as many games at as many schools as possible," Gurley said.

With Tarboro not playing this past Friday night, Gurley decided to spend the weekend in the Triangle Area and see friend and fellow recruit Keith Marshall play.

"[Marshall] just asked me if I was going to the UNC game," Gurley said. "I was like, ‘Yeah. I might just come up Friday and just see you play and since my brother is in Durham stay the night at my brother's house.'"

Gurley was impressed by the drastic differences between Tarboro and Raleigh (N.C.) Millbrook, which has more than triple the enrollment.

"Just seeing their little student section [stood out to me]," Gurley said. "At my school, we don't have a little student section. I was kind of amazed like, ‘Dang, there's so many people, especially all the girls up there.' We have a lot of people, but they had more students involved in the game."

Through the recruiting process, Gurley and Marshall have developed a strong friendship.

"We never really talk about going [to the same school] together," Gurley said. "We just talk about schools. We end up visiting the same schools at the same time. We talk about the season and what we think about each school. Mainly, his schools and my schools are the same."

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