Monday PC Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Everett Withers, Bryn Renner and Gio Bernard.

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Opening comments:
"After watching the film yesterday with the team, obviously winning the game is important. One thing that is important about it is that you get a chance to go coach and correct off the film. We named some players of the game. Dwight Jones obviously had a big game. A lot of people don't know that Dwight had a baby and got about three hours of sleep, and for him to come out and play as well as he did is good. I feel like James Hurst played really well up front for us and obviously Bryn Renner and his efforts offensively. So we had three [players of the game] on offense.

"Defensively, I feel like Tydreke Powell really played well up front. We felt like it was one of our better technique games up front defensively. There were some things that were really impressive that Tydreke did up front. And Zach Brown had a heck of game for us at linebacker. Special teams wise, Pete Mangum – every time Pete is on the field for special teams, it seems like he plays well. We also gave Zach Brown a special teams player of the game deal.

"As we get past that game and move into Rutgers, they're obviously a good opponent. They had a big win over N.C. Central, so we have to gear up. And again, the improvement that you make from Week 1 to Week 2 has to show up this week in our practice so we can be prepared for a very good opponent."

On getting Charles Brown back at cornerback:
"He's got a bunch on experience. I think he will be a guy that will help solidify some things back there in the secondary, so it's good to get him back. I'm happy for him because I think he's been through a lot as a young man. I think he's done everything up to now that we've wanted him to do."

On making up for Devon Ramsay's loss:
"Offensively we use a number of different personnel groups and formations that allow us to look like we've got two backs in the backfield. I think we'll be fine."

On applying for a sixth year for Ramsay:
"That's in the early stages. We've talked very generically about it. We just want to make sure that he's okay and then we'll pursue that as it comes up."

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On his performance on Saturday:
"Yesterday we kind of fleshed it out after I watched film and talked to Coach Shoop and we went over it. I'm still mad about the pick. I know what I need to do to correct that and I'm really just looking forward to this Saturday coming up."

On losing fullback Devon Ramsay for the season:
"That's really tough – just the amount of work that Devon put in. He was big factor last year for us in the opening games and then we lost him for the mishap that happened. Losing him is going to be tough. But he's a great kid and having him in the backfield was a great plus. He made a great screen run the other day. I'm just praying for his recovery."

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Do you have any trust issues with your knee?
"No, not at all. My knee is fine. I just wear a little sleeve on it, which is nothing. I just want to take every precaution. I don't want to mess it up ever again because that was just a terrible time in my life. Just getting past it and being able to come back 100 percent, feeling fine and being able to cut 100 percent… It's just a work of God and I just excited to be back there."

On his 5-foot-8 height:
"I take it as a blessing, definitely – genetics – for being so short and so low to the ground. I thank my mom and my dad for that. Actually during training camp, there was a point where we were doing inside run and Zach [Brown] after practice said, ‘I couldn't see where you went, I had no clue where you were, you were too low.' He couldn't see over Travis Bond because he was pulling for me."

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