Jiles to Officially Visit UNC

After a summer unofficial trip didn't materialize, Tyreece Jiles plans to use an official visit to travel to North Carolina.

"I want to get down there as soon as possible – around this month," Jiles said. "During the football season, it's hard to find a good time to go. But we're definitely going. I want to do it during the season. Any game would be great."

Jiles, a 6-foot, 175-pound cornerback from Cape Coral (Fla.) is also considering officially visiting Mississippi, Nebraska, Purdue, and Wake Forest. He doesn't have any official visits scheduled.

"Right now, yes [those schools] are the schools I'm most interested in," Jiles said. "They're the schools that show me most interest and they're the schools I'm most interested in going to."

Jiles, who hopes to make a verbal commitment by November or December, may not use all five of his allotted official visits.

"I'll take as many [official visits] as I need to," Jiles said. "I really don't have a set number. If I have to take all of them, then I'll take all of them. If something jumps out at me, then I might just commit."

Heading into his official visit schedule, Jiles doesn't have a leader.

"I'm kind of stuck in neutral," Jiles said. "I'm just looking for a place I feel most comfortable at."

During the summer, Jiles was part of a group of recruits from Southwest Florida that traveled the southeast, making visits to Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Western Kentucky. Originally, UNC and a few other schools were supposed to be among the stops but were eliminated when the group's tour was cut short.

"We had started school early – like a month early," Jiles said. "I had no time to at least get it in."

Besides his summer stops, Jiles has previously visited Florida State and Miami.

Jiles says he's in regular contact with UNC coaches Troy Douglas and Everett Withers.

"We basically talk about normal stuff," Jiles said. "Like how I feel about coming up to the school, playing time, [and] position wise – what position might fit me best."

UNC is recruiting Jiles as a cornerback.

For Cape Coral, Jiles plays just about every skill position. For example, in the season-opening loss to North Fort Myers (Fla.) last Friday, he lined up at every position in the secondary, as well as quarterback and wide receiver. During North Fort Myers' first offensive play, Jiles intercepted a pass. He also scored a touchdown on a 19-yard reception.

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