UNC-UVa: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Everett Withers, Bryn Renner, Kevin Reddick, A.J. Blue and James Hurst, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over Virginia on Saturday.

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Opening remarks:

"Obviously, it's good to be 1-0 in the ACC – that's the bottom line. I thought we did some really good things today – obviously winning the game; we rushed for 222 yards [which is] a pretty good day for us; Gio Bernard is the first freshmen ‘back to rush for over 100 yards – that's a pretty nice stat; Dwight Jones has caught a touchdown pass in every ball game; we got some guys in the game [like] A.J. Blue and have him run well.

"We can go back and practice next week and get better. That's what I want to do – go back and get better.

"But it was good to come out with an ACC win at home today. Hopefully, that carries momentum down the road for us. That's the objective – to keep getting better each week."

On reducing turnovers from last week:

"Just like we talked last week, [it's about] the mindset. I think our kids went into today's game with the mindset of we have to protect the ball. The one we had down here [in the red zone] was just a [bad] center-quarterback exchange, so we're going to go back and work on that next week."

On Bernard's performance:

"Well he's got a low center of gravity, very good vision, he knows how to set up blocks well, [and] I think he understands our blocking scheme. Some ‘backs don't understand blocking schemes. He understands where he needs to be, who's leading it, and he does a good job of deciding when to go outside and cutting back. It's just a natural trait for him."

On the use of trick plays:

"I've been a defensive coach a long time and you have to put that stuff on tape. If you don't, you're going to have ten men standing on the line-of-scrimmage trying to stop your run game. I felt like you saw A.J. [Blue's] success running the ball in the second half, because he had thrown that pass in the first half. Now they have to play a little bit more truer."

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On putting together two touchdown drives after falling behind 3-0:

"It was huge. I went over to the offensive line and said ‘We need to get something going' and was just trying to keep the tempo up. The first two drives didn't go as planned and we haven't had to experience that much lately. So it was kind of the time to help our defense out and we did that with the next two drives."

On using trick plays:

"It's a lot of fun. We've had those plays since training camp. Coach [John] Shoop did a good job calling them today. It was a lot of fun to see A.J. and Reggie [Blue] throw the ball. I wish A.J.'s could have got caught."

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On his satisfaction with the win:

"As far as defense wise, no [I'm not satisfied]. Me, personally, I'd like for shut outs to happen, because I haven't seen that yet. I feel like, we've got to stop the run. We have so much hype about our front four and linebackers, so I feel like we've got to live up to that. If people are going to keep talking about that we've got to let them keep talking and show them. I feel like we have work to do with our run stopping."

On holding Virginia to a field goal despite their time of possession:

"It was very important just to hold our post, not to give up, [and] keep strong. I try to yell at the guys, ‘Let's go' to try to keep us in there."

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On receiving meaningful reps:

"It felt great. I've been playing my role the whole season just waiting for the opportunity. Every game I stand beside the coach and wait for my name to be called. [To hear my name called] it felt great."

On the trick play:

"We've been working on it since day one. I didn't know if we were going to run it. I was thinking we were going to run another one, but we called that one [and] I just told Jhay Boyd ‘Don't stop. You're the fastest guy in college football. So I'm going to throw it.' He knows I'm going to throw it [far]. He said he slowed down a little bit and that's how I overthrew him just a little bit."

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On the offensive line's performance:

"It feels great. We've been wanting to do that all year. We haven't quite reached those numbers but we knew that was one of our goals."

On allowing the first sack of the season:

"Yeah, we did. We were really disappointed about that."

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