Rogers: 'I'm Stuck On UNC'

Jessie Rogers committed to North Carolina while in Chapel Hill on Sunday, and after returning home, the Arlington (Texas) Bowie defensive end talked about his decision.

It wasn't a secret that you were strongly considering committing during the visit, what was it that sealed the deal for you during the visit?

"Basically, everything that I saw down there. But I think the biggest two things were probably the game day atmosphere that I felt and then probably the academics."

When did you actually make the commitment?

"It was today – I think it was around noon down there. I was in Coach [Everett] Withers' office with my mom. She was asking questions and stuff. I just had to tell him."

What was Withers' reaction to the news?

"He basically went crazy. He went around the whole building telling all the coaches. I was loving it."

I know the visit sealed it for you, but overall what was it about UNC that made you commit?

"Academics, the real homey feeling that I got down there, [and] a chance to meet all the coaches and I got a good bond with all of them. Even talking to the players that was awesome – they were cool dudes. Everything down there seems perfect."

When did you arrive at UNC?

"Friday night at about 11:30 pm."

What did you do during your visit?

"One thing, we ate a lot – we never stopped eating. Saturday, I woke up, ate, and then we took a quick tour around the school and all the stuff around it. And then I got to see how the team prepares for a game. After the game, I got a chance to go to dinner with the players and go out with my host. And then Sunday, we finished up a whole campus tour, and then went out to lunch, and then I had to catch my flight."

Who was your host and what was it like spending time with him?

"No. 95, Kareem Martin. He's a real cool dude. I had to go ahead and make a bond with him since I'm going to be working with him a lot when I come in. He's just a real cool dude [and] real laid back like I am. We just had fun."

I know it was important for your mom to go on the visit with you. What did she think?

"It just basically blew her mind. My mom and I took many visits to other schools, but there was just something about this one that blew her mind. She had the same feeling I had and saw it in my eyes when I told her I wanted to make the decision. She really supported me after seeing the whole school. Her and I went inside Saturday night and just really talked about it. She was just as amazed as I was."

How firm is this commitment? Are you going to visit any other schools?

"I'm basically done with it. I was trying to go ahead and get this out of the way so I can focus on my senior year."

Are any other schools trying to get you to take official visits?

"Yeah, there's quite a few. But I'm just going to tell them how it is. They're just going to have to learn to live with it, because I'm stuck on UNC."

Outside of Withers, was there any other coach that you sat down and spoke to?

"I got a chance to talk to all the coaches, but I'll probably say the main one was Coach [Joe] Robinson. We just talked about a whole bunch of stuff, but the main thing was where I'm going to fall in the depth chart. He went over a few plays that they run."

Where do you fit into UNC's plans when you'll arrive on campus?

"[Robinson] said, when I come in as a freshmen, I'll probably be on the second string. They'll probably rotate me in with Kareem."

Besides your commitment, what did you and Withers discuss?

"We talked a little bit about football, but we were just trying to get to know each other. My mom, she was there too, and she had a few questions to answer. We were just forming a bond."

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