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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Everett Withers said on his radio program Wednesday night? He gave injury updates on Jabari Price and Casey Barth, and touched on recruiting during the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Ten different offensive players touched the ball on Saturday against Virginia. Can you talk about that diverse approach?
"Well. We've got a lot of talent and a lot of diverse kids on that side of the ball. I think when you have that many weapons on that side of the ball, you've got to find a way to feed them the ball. We want to try to use all of the guys. We try to develop packages for each guy on offense and I think we want to continue to do that as we move forward."

On Matt Merletti's play against Virginia:
"Any time you come up with seven tackles and two interceptions… And people don't know that Matt Merletti had one of the best strips of a runner of the opponent. Nobody probably saw it, but on tape you can see it. It will go on a clinic tape that we will use for years on."

Do you still think you will hold Casey Barth out of the game against Georgia Tech?
"Yes, that's kind of our thought process. We don't want to injure Casey anymore. He has a slight strain, so we don't want to do anything any worse than what it is and take care of him and hopefully have him in two weeks so that he can kick for us again."

So will Thomas Moore take over Barth's role?
"Yes. He's a young man from right here in Chapel Hill. He's got a very strong leg. We have no doubts about putting Thomas in the game. We were at practice today and I said, ‘Thomas, what's your range? I haven't really asked you your range. ' And he said, ‘Uh, about 57, sometimes 60.' And I just looked at him and he looked at me like, ‘You don't believe me?' So we'll give Thomas an opportunity at some point in time to kick one of those."

Has Jabari Price returned to some practice activities?
"Yes, we've started Jabari back into really full practice this week. Hopefully we won't have to use Jabari this week and we can get him ready for next weekend when we go to East Carolina."

On defending Georgia Tech's offense:
"It's about possessions, both on your team and their team. You're trying to make sure you have more possessions with points, with touchdowns more than field goals. I don't know if you stop this offense, what you do is try to limit the points that they score. When we beat them three years ago, they probably had 350-400 yards of offense, but we won the game because we forced them to kick field goals, we forced some turnovers and we got in a situation where we were able to get ahead and that's what you have to do against this offense. This is more about team than anything else. It's not our defense stopping their offense, it's our offense staying on the field so their offense isn't on the field. It's about us gaining possessions. That's a big part of what we've got to do."

On the throws by Reggie Wilkins and A.J. Blue against Virginia:
"We've been kind of tinkering with that for a while now. Reggie has a great arm, an unbelievable arm. Reggie's a lefty like myself. He loves to throw it in practice and we just wanted to give him an opportunity to do it. He did a great job. A.J., obviously, was a high school quarterback. A very talented athlete. We got the ball in a perfect situation. We had been running the ball and started to see them cheat a little bit. We wanted to take a shot at them and we called timeout to do it. I told A.J., ‘Don't make me burn a timeout for you to overthrow the ball again.' I said, ‘Don't do that.' But hopefully we can keep that up and keep people honest."

How many players approach you about being a part of those trick plays?
"There's one a week, all of the time. A new one. Even an offensive lineman every now and then."

How's recruiting going? Are you still able to pull in the same kind of recruits that Butch Davis signed?
"I was on that staff when Butch was here. It's almost like people think that we didn't do any of that. But it's going well. We work our tails off all of the time in recruiting. This staff is by far the best recruiting staff that I've ever worked with. Sam Pittman, Troy Douglas, Allen Mogridge – those guys, I bet you, right now are in there calling some recruits. Before I left the building today they gave me five kids to call tonight on my way home. So they're working their tails off. I bet I write 50 notes a day to recruits and high school coaches. We're wearing it out and I think it's going really well. You can't talk about recruiting, but believe me, it's going really well right now."

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