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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Everett Withers, Bryn Renner, Quinton Coples and Gio Bernard, who spoke to the media following UNC's loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday.

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Opening comments:
"I'm disappointed with the loss, but I'm very proud of this football team, the way they came back and fought in the second half. I think we'll learn a lot about ourselves when we come back and watch tape tomorrow. I don't think we came out with any significant injuries other than bumps and bruises. We've got a chance to correct what we did today and get better next week, and that's the bottom line."

On the 48-yard run by Roddy Jones to set up the winning touchdown:
"I think it was more just leveraging the ball. [Against] this offense, it's everybody doing their job, and if one guy gets tied up, and he has to take the next guy's responsibility, and the ball gets on the boundary, then it's a tough offense. We didn't do a good job of getting off a block, off of a crack, and our corner got out-leveraged and the ball got on the boundary. That was just one play."

For the most part, were you happy with your defense against the option run?
"Yes. As I've said all week long, this is not about yards. This game is about making them kick three. We just didn't make them kick three enough."

On the turnaround after your first TD and making them kick field goals:
"We didn't execute well enough on offense today. I felt like, defensively, we did enough things to give us a chance to win. We knew they were going to get yards. We just didn't put together enough drives today. This game is about team and putting together drives. We've got to go back to being able to do that. We've got to run the ball better."

On the frustration of forcing the tie, then watching Tech go down the field and score:
"It's frustrating, but you've got to know the nature of the offense that you're playing. If you've got time, and you've got the ball back, then you've got a chance to score. I almost wanted to let them score, so we could have two minutes left on the clock so we could go down and score. But, it didn't work out that way. All we wanted was time to be able to go down and score at the end of the game."

On the two long pass plays to Stephen Hill:
"Again, a scheme against what we do in the secondary. They did a great job. They watch enough of what you do, because you can't do enough on defense. We run maybe three defenses a game. They see that defense over and over, and they know how to scheme it. They were able, on the quick dive pass, to slip the wide out past the safety that's supposed to overlap. The safety gets short - touchdown pass. We were short about three years on both plays."

How were they able to get to Renner so often?
"They were playing a defense there at the end, not on third down, where all the linemen were standing up, what we call a radar defense, and you don't know which one is coming, the fourth rusher. We had the protection a couple of times. I felt like Bryn could've gotten rid of the ball a couple of times. For the most part, it was tough on a young quarterback. We've got to do some things to help him out a little bit more."

How do you think your team reacted in its first road game?
"I couldn't be prouder of this team. I love this team. We've got a chance to be good."

Were you pleased with the way your offense came out in the second half?
"I told the guys at halftime, I love where we are. I think we have a chance to go out here and find out who we were. We were able to get back in the game, tie it up, and have a chance to win. That's all you want, to have a chance to win at the end."

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On the offense's play:
"We had a great opening drive and just stalled a little bit in a couple of those drives [late] in the first half. They're a great defense. Coach Groh did a great job and we're going to give them all of the credit. In the second half, we had a little bit more success, but still didn't make enough plays to win the ball game."

How much did you learn in your first road game?
"A ton. It's my first road game, but I can't make that as an excuse. We didn't make enough plays to win. That's what it boils down to, but I did learn a lot. We definitely want to move forward and I look forward to ECU."

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On the defense's performance:
"I think we did a great job. On some plays that they made, they lulled us to sleep and we were undisciplined, but overall I think we did pretty good. We're going to learn from these mistakes that we had today and move forward."

On Georgia Tech scoring touchdowns after UNC forced early field goal attempts:
"They took some shots and did some things that we hadn't seen or that we hadn't focused on as much. I think they were the better team today and they stepped up and made plays on our mistakes."

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Did Georgia Tech do anything that you guys hadn't seen before on defense?
"No, not at all. I thought we were well prepared for them. It's the little mistakes and the turnovers that teams can't have, so it was just a matter of turning the ball over and not executing our plays."

On the offense grinding to a halt after the opening drive:
"It was tough. That's what we pride ourselves on is a fast start. We did a good job on that first job and just came to a halt, really. We've just got to keep working at it and hopefully go to ECU and have a good game over there."

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