Tournament of Champions Preview

The Triangle's big annual high school basketball event, the Tournament of Champions, tips off tonight! And <i>Inside Carolina</i> is your home for the most in-depth preview and postgame coverage. Here's a look at the teams, and star players (UNC targets in bold), that will be in attendance, as well as a full schedule.

The games run from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and will be played in such venues as the Smith Center, Cameron Indoor Stadium, Reynolds Coliseum and area high schools. HERE IS THE COMPLETE SCHEDULE AND POOL LISTINGS.

And, as always, stay tuned to Inside Carolina for the best coverage of the TOC on the 'net.

Thanks to Rob Matera, of the All Star Report, for providing the list of teams. The following players are expected to travel with their given teams.

1. N.C. GatersJamesOn Curry (UNC), Cedric Simmons (NCSU), James Mays, Jason Thompson, Jamal Shuler, Kenny Hunt; 16-U: Kevin Swinton, Mitch Mullis, TJ Gwynn, Prince Bowden

2. Atlanta CelticsDwight Howard, Josh Smith, Randolph Morris, Dwayne Day, Montavious Waters

3. North Greenville– Damion Harris (?)

4. Ft. Sooy No LimitShaun Livingston, Justin Cerasoli, Sean Raboin

5. The Playaz- JR Smith, Stanley Branch (maybe, also plays for NJ Demons), Sean Singletary, Dave McClure, Jermaine Bell, Cedric Jackson, Taj Finger, Courtney Nelson, Alex Galindo

6. Juice All-StarsSebastian Telfair, Ramel Bradley, Kojo Mensah, Nyan Boateng

7. Cleveland Basketball- Jamar Butler (Cinci), Matt Terwilliger, Danny Morrissey

8. Georgia Elite 17– Trammell Wooten, Daniel Northern, Toney Douglas, Khaliq Gant, Mohommed Tangara, Archie Miaway.

9. Tennessee Travelers- Corey Brewer, Justin Hare, Jonathan Adams, Shane Dansby

10. Randolph Boys Club, WI– Greg Steimsma

11. Illinois Fire– Aramis Brown, Jeremy Pargo (Jannero's brother), DeAndre Thomas (2005)

12. New York RavensGavin Grant, Brian Laing, Greg Johnson (2005)

13. Houston SelectJoseph Jones, Derrick Roberts, Chamberlain Oguchi

14. Belmont Shore, CADeMarcus Nelson (Duke), Lorrenzo Wade, DeVon Hardin

15. Pump And Run, CA

16. Southern California- Aaron Affalo (UCLA), Marcel Jones, David Burgess

17. Alabama Challenge- Ron Steele

18. Arkansas Hawks- Marcus Monk

19. First Class, IL

20. West Virginia Select- Adam Williams

21. Michigan Mustangs- Al Horford, Drew Nietzel, Mike Redell

22. Illinois Wolves- Shaun Pruitt, Ollie Bailey, Jaeh Thomas

23. Grand Rapids Storm-

24. DC Team Assault- Deron Washington, Jared Gaither, Jerome Habel

25. Pump N Run-Colorado-

26. KC Pump N Run-

27. Cecil Kirk-Baltimore- Rudy Gay

28. Fort Worth Lions-

29. Westchester, NY, Hawks-

30. Southeast Pump N Run- Mike Williams, Glenn Miles, Tyler Smith (2005), Joey Cameron (2005), Shay Shannon, Eric Howard

31. Houston Westside All-Stars- Dion Dowell (Texas)

32. Magnolia Stars, Miss.– The Jackson Tigers kids sometimes show up for them, but they're most likely at MDC

33. Utah Bruins-

34. Team Richmond- Tyree Evans

35. Derek Smith All-Stars, KY- Rajon Rondo, Chris Lofton

36. Florida Hoopsters- Taurean Green

37. Tulsa Hurricanes-

38. Beach Ball Select- Ramon Sessions

39. Long Island Panthers- Josh Wright, Kiwan Smith, Yannick Noah

40. Minnesota Magic-

41. Mississippi Rise & Shine- Walter Sharpe

42. Alabama Blue Chips- Ron Steele

43. Houston SuperstarsMarshall Brown

44. Georgia Stars- Channing Toney, Wynton Witherspoon, Paul Delaney, Ralph Jennings; 16-U: Louis Williams, Rashad Chase, Michael Mercer

45. Connecticut Flame-

46. Coastal Pops-

47. Middlesex Magic-

48. Squires, VA- Albert Weber, Joe Posey, Cameron Stanley (Wake Forest), Bombale Osby, Glen Dandridge

49. Louisiana Sports Academy- Glen Davis, Tasmin Mitchell

50. New Orleans Jazz-

51. Kappa Magic-

52. Michigan Hurricanes- James Hardy, Roy Bright, Marquis Gray (Michigan State), Churchill Odia

53. Milwaukee Running Rebels-

54. Hunting Park, PA-

55. Baltimore Select-

56. Syracuse Rochester Area Players (SRAP)- Aundray Blatche, Greg Paulus (2005)

57. Raleigh's Finest-

58. New Jersey Celtics- I'm guessing this is the St. Pat's AAU squad

59. Philly MJC- Kyle Lowry, Shane Clark,

60. East Coast Eagles-

61. Blessed IJN, IN– James Hardy (?)

62. Texas Top Prospects- Roderick Rogers, Justin Wilkerson (Texas Tech, 2005)

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