Monday PC Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Everett Withers, Bryn Renner and Quinton Coples.

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Opening comments:
"After watching tape again yesterday, there were some things that you look at that you have to do playing against a team like Georgia Tech. We only had 52 plays on offense; they had 72. SO it was all about trying to sustain drives. We didn't do that. Three of eight on third down, so we needed to stay on the field more than did and we didn't do that. I did think we came out in the second half and fought and played. That was really encouraging to see our team come out in the second half and play with some intensity.

"And I really thought at the end of the game, after we used our final timeout, when we got off the field that we had an opportunity to win the game. There were a lot of good things coming out of the game. I'm excited about moving forward with this team. I think we've got a chance to have a really good football team and looking forward to playing a rivalry game again this week against ECU. Excited about that. Excited about the opportunity for our kids to play against some guys that they know. They know a lot of these guys on ECU's team, so that will be fun."

Do you anticipate Erik Highsmith being back this week?
"We sure hope he is. We don't know that yet. We'll keep working with our sports medicine staff and hopefully get him out to practice. Basically I would say day-to-day until we know for sure later on in the week."

And Jabari Price?
"Kind of the same thing. He'll practice more this week. We hope to find out something definite by the end of the week whether he's cleared or not to play. Hopefully we can get him back on the field and get him going."

Can you explain the decision to let Zach Brown play on special teams but not on defense, and do you expect him to play on defense this week?
"Coach's decision to hold him out on defense and we do expect him to play."

How did Zach handle that decision?
"He handled it good. He played well on special teams. That was the big encouraging thing."

Any change in Todd Harrelson's status?
"Still suspended indefinitely."

Is there a chance that Casey Barth returns this week?
"I don't think Casey will play this week. We want to make sure that we take care of him and get him healthy."

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On the loss to Georgia Tech:
"We just made a lot of mistakes, mental and physical. Stuff that we can correct. I really wish the game was tomorrow so that we can correct them, but I think that we're going to have a great practice tomorrow and am just excited to get out there and fix them."

On learning when to get rid of the ball under pressure:
"I think it just comes with time. The amount of reps that I've gotten... It really shouldn't be that difficult. So I really should have that clock in the back of my head knowing when I should get the ball to people. And definitely there were receivers open where I could have just thrown the ball [in] looking back at the tape. But I definitely just need to make better choices with the ball."

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On ECU's passing offense:
"It's a very big change because of the offense that we're going to play. ECU does a lot of quick throws and things of that nature so that's going to be the biggest adjustment that we have to deal with. I think we've got a great game plan for it and I think we'll get the job done."

How do you counteract the three-step drops?
"Get pressure as much as you can and get your hands up. A pass breakup is just as a good as a sack, especially in a crucial situation like third down. I think that's definitely one of the ball keys for us this week is getting our hands up and knocking the ball down. We did a great job of that last year."

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