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When North Carolina first offered, Kene Orjioke's knowledge of the school and football program was limited. After doing some research, the 6-foot-4, 217-pound athlete from Marietta (Ga.) Lassiter couldn't help but be impressed by what he saw.

"I was actually considering committing to UNC a week and a half ago," Orjioke said. "I liked a lot about what I [read] about the campus, the chance of winning, and the job opportunity after college. I could pursue the NFL, plus the academics. I like the jerseys a lot, too, so that helps.

"But I decided I'd rather weigh all my options out, instead of making a decision so early. I found out about the whole sanctions situation. I wouldn't want to get too attached to a coaching staff and then something happen."

With all that said, Orjioke doesn't consider any school his leader. He has scheduled an official visit to UNC for the weekend of Oct. 29 when the Tar Heels host Wake Forest, however a scheduling conflict will likely force him to reschedule.

"I have something already scheduled with my family for that date so I was going to ask [UNC] if I could push it to their next home game," Orjioke said.

UNC's next home game following the Wake Forest contest is nearly a month later – Nov. 26, for the regular season finale against Duke.

"At first, I wanted to see [UNC] play Wake Forest, because Wake Forest is also recruiting me," Orjioke said. "So I would like to see how UNC would play against them."

In addition to UNC, eight other schools have offered Orjioke a scholarship – Arizona State, Duke, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Mississippi, NC State, Purdue, and San Diego State.

Orjioke was supposed to take his first official visit this past weekend to Arizona State, but is now attempting to reschedule it as soon as possible.

"I haven't taken my SAT, so I wasn't able to take any official visits yet," Orjioke said. "But I'm taking the SAT [this] Saturday and then I'm taking my official visit to Arizona State as soon as I can."

While Arizona State and UNC are definite official visit destinations, Orjioke is also considering scheduling official trips to Mississippi and San Diego State.

"I haven't set anything in stone yet [with Mississippi and San Diego State], because I want to wait and see who's going to be in my top five list," Orjioke said.

Orjioke would like to make a verbal commitment "probably sooner than later."

"After the regular season is over, I want to know where I'm going regarding to college, so I can just focus on the playoffs so I can help get our team as far as we can," Orjioke said. "It's not really fair for me to continually think about myself and just continually think about recruiting and have my performance go down on the field and have my teammates suffer from it. So I'm trying to get this out of the way. Everybody works hard on the team – it's not only me that works hard."

Since receiving the scholarship offer from UNC, Orjioke says he has frequent conversations with Tar Heel assistant coach Joe Robinson.

"He's a really personable guy," Orjioke said. "He's really easy to get along with. He's really nice to me. That helped the program grow on me more and more."

In spite of all the conversations, Orjioke hasn't gotten a better idea of what position UNC is recruiting him for.

"They just want to get me on campus and decide whatever position is best for me," Orjroke said. "I'm sure they know a lot more than I do in regards to that, so I don't really want to argue when it comes to position."

Orjioke starts at safety for Lassiter where he has assembled an impressive senior campaign after moving in from California. He has an interception in each of his last three games, plus eight pass deflections, a blocked punt, and 27 total tackles, including three in which he hit the ball carrier so hard that he knocked off the helmet – something he takes a lot of pride in.

"I like giving big hits," Orjioke said.

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