Moeser Comments on Latest Expansion News

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser today (May 16) issued the following statement regarding expansion of the Atlantic Coast Conference:

"I have expressed concerns about expanding the ACC all along, and, in fact, I voted against it. But, after the conference voted to expand, it was important to participate fully in the decisions that will shape the ACC as we move forward.

Therefore, I voted today in favor of entering into formal conference expansion discussions with Boston College, the University of Miami and Syracuse University.

Today's vote was one more step in the evolution of the ACC. I will continue to vote for what I believe is best for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and to monitor those areas that concern us most.

We must strive to maintain what is an excellent culture within the ACC. We must emphasize the welfare of our student-athletes, particularly as it relates to travel time and, thus, time away from class.

And we must continue to monitor revenue projections to ensure that expansion will not negatively affect Carolina's athletic program. We are committed to having outstanding football and basketball programs as well as an exemplary overall program. We are unique in the conference in fielding 28 varsity sports - more than any other school - and we must ensure that the breadth of our program is not affected by conference expansion. We are committed to helping shape the future of the ACC in the best interest of this university and our student-athletes."

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