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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Everett Withers said on his radio program Wednesday night? He gave injury updates on Jabari Price, Casey Barth and Erik Highsmith and updated Zach Brown's status during the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

On UNC giving up seven sacks to Georgia Tech:
When you look at seven sacks, you think, ‘Well, the offensive line didn't protect.' Well, in a 3-4 scheme, your backs have to protect better. And it's not like we were on the wrong guys, just sometimes Gio [Bernard] against their outside linebacker wasn't a good matchup. And I felt like our quarterback could have gotten rid of the ball and thrown it away a few times. When you look at the seven sacks, I think there were two that really belonged to the offensive line. The rest of them were scattered out throughout the rest of the offense."

On what Withers learned from the Georgia Tech game:
Any time you go on the road in your first road game, you want to find out about your team. For our team to come out and play in a hostile environment with some young guys – Eric Ebron, some of those guys – and then go into halftime and come out in the second half and fight… Any time you're on the road and you've got a chance to win at the end of the game with a drive, it's got to be a positive for your football team."

Will Zach Brown be fully available this week?
"Zach should be available this week. I think we'll need Zach this week to do what he needs to do."

On Casey Barth:
"Casey is getting a lot better. I talked to him on [Wednesday] and he's coming along. I really don't think we want to rush Casey too fast. I would say he's doubtful for this week and hopefully next week we'll be able to get him back."

On Erik Highsmith:
"Erik's had a good week of practice. He's been out there running around. I asked him today how he felt and he said, ‘Coach, I'm ready to go.' So we're planning on having Erik back for the game."

On Sean Tapley's play in Highsmith's place against Georgia Tech:
"I thought Sean did well. Obviously, he had one drop we would like to have back, but he's a young kid that we think will get better. The more he plays, the more I think you will see his athleticism and his ability to make plays."

On Jabari Price:
"Jabari's doing well. Jabari has practiced this week and we feel that if we need Jabari in the game, we can put him in the game and he'd be ready to go with it."

On Bryn Renner's performance against Georgia Tech:
"[He's] obviously a young quarterback playing on the road for the first time. We felt like coming out of the game there were some things that he could improve on, but for his first game, he completed a bunch of passes. There was a point there where he completed eight of nine passes, so we felt like he did well. It's just a matter of him moving forward. He's had an excellent week of practice, maybe the best week of practice he's had all year, so I'm excited to watch him play."

How do you manage getting Gio Bernard the touches he needs while also spreads snaps around to Ryan Houston and A.J. Blue?
"That's the million dollar question. You don't want to run him too much that you don't have him later on in the year, but right now he wants the ball. He's one of those guys, ‘Keep feeding me the ball, I get better with the game.' But we've got to take care of him. We've got to find other guys' touches – Ryan, A.J. Blue and some of those guys. But we'll find creative ways to get him the ball this week, get him on the perimeter and get him inside. He's too talented not to give it to him 15-18-20 times a game."

On the importance of blocking by the wide receivers:
"People don't understand. They always say the offensive line is the key, but the perimeter [guys], the wide receivers, have to block. One thing we talk about all of the time with our wide receivers is if you want us to throw you the ball, you better block on the perimeter. Don't ask for the ball in the air if you're not going to block. So that's a big key for us."

Who is the best blocker at wide receiver on the team?
"Probably Erik Highsmith. Mookie is probably as good a blocking wide receiver as we have. We missed him a little bit last week in that role."

What happened on the blocked punt? Is that a concern moving forward?
"Well, I hope we got it corrected on Sunday… It was just a matter of one guy not cutting his split down. They got too many people to the shield. Smart scheme on their part. They had a guy that's 6-7 and basically, as he jumps to block, he gets knocked up into the air, the ball came off low and he got his hand on it. So it's a matter of one guy cutting his split down a little in the protection and not letting that guy get to the shield."

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