Monday PC Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Everett Withers, Bryn Renner and Matt Merletti.

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Opening comments:
"It's obviously great to have a victory in an instate rivalry this past week. After watching the tape, I felt like we left a lot of plays out there on the field on both sides of the ball. We played well early. We didn't finish as well as we would like to, but there's probably another 17 points out there that we left out there and there's probably another 2-3 interceptions we left on the field. To beat really, really good football teams, you can't leave those plays out there on the field, so we need to improve on those and try to get better at that. But we're happy for the victory. Time to move on to Louisville."

Were those opportunities in the first half, second half or throughout the whole game?
"Mainly through the whole game. You don't get the three before half after you get the turnover. You need to get that. We missed Mookie down in the corner on a wheel route, had a chance to get that one. We have a saying on defense, ‘Tipped balls get caught.' And we said this earlier in the week, but if you just hit the receivers, if you'll just hit them, then they will eventually start looking at you and the ball will get tipped up in the air. We got a couple of them, but there was still a couple of other ones that we could have had."

More on the missed opportunities:
"We showed a tape yesterday to our team. We called it ‘Meat on the bone.' We left a lot of meat on the bone… On special teams, there were maybe two kickoffs where if we get maybe one block, we're to the house. And then the interception on defense that we didn't get. And one missed block on offense – if somebody makes a block, then Gio's 240-something yards rushing. So we showed them all of those things thinking the score could have been have been 50-something, but we didn't. The rest of the schedule, you've got to start taking advantage of those opportunities."

Will you move Tre Boston back to safety?
"We'll talk about that as the week goes on… Probably not."

On Casey Barth's status:
"We're still going to evaluate him with our sports medicine staff and see how much closer he is. But we're not going to rush him, we're not going to rush him."

Do you expect Tydreke Powell to be available this week?

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On taking advantage of turnovers:
"We were really disappointed that we didn't convert the first one. We know going back to the Georgia Tech game that we didn't convert and I just went over the offensive line and said, ‘We've got to step it up a little bit.' I went over to everybody and we got back on track with the next two, so I think it was huge to capitalize on the defense's turnovers."

On what is needed to finish strong:
"I think just keep the intensity high. We had a little letdown in the second half, but we definitely could have scored more. We definitely think we could have put at least 50 up there. It's just frustrating when you don't score and definitely we need to improve on that."

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On the reason behind UNC's defensive success in the red zone:
"It's just a matter of doing your job. There's nothing really special to it, to be honest with you. It's just each guy doing their job and it comes together as a whole when each guy is taking care of their business."

On if he was surprised by heavy coaching critique on Sunday:
"It didn't catch me by surprise, either. We went into halftime at 28-3 and our coach came in and yelled at us and that brought us back down to earth, because we were getting – I don't want to say cocky – but we were getting a little over-confident, I think, and so I think that was good for us. I think it's good to criticize people when they do well, to still look for improvement and not get over-confident or cocky."

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