Everett Withers Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Everett Withers said on his radio program Wednesday night? He gave injury updates on Tydreke Powell, Casey Barth, Kevin Reddick and A.J. Blue during the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

On the eight-minute drive in the second half against East Carolina:
"We needed to have a statement drive and that was the statement drive of the year on the road so far. Keeping the ball for that many plays and for that long and coming out with points was critical. That felt like that was important and we did that."

On the fourth down play on that drive:
"We've got a lot of confidence in the kids to make plays. We're not going to flinch. I think it's about going out and having confidence in your kids and making plays."

On the decision to go for it on fourth down:
"I can tell you that when its 4th-and-2, John Shoop is always in my ear, ‘We can get it, we can get it.' And this week before he said, ‘We can get it,' I said, ‘Go get it.' So it was just a matter of getting it."

On punter Thomas Hibbard:
"Thomas is such a weapon because he's able to kill the ball inside the 20-yard-line. He did it three times [against East Carolina]. He's a tremendous weapon for us. He has a strong leg. He was kicking in pregame and he was kicking it in the stands and we said, ‘Woah, save some of those for the game.'"

On Casey Barth:
"We think with maybe another week or so, he might be ready to go."

On Tydreke Powell:
"He's fine. Tydreke's been back at practice this week. He had an issue with a shoulder, more of a deep bruise. We were trying to hold him for precautionary reasons, but he's practiced this week."

Kevin Reddick and A.J. Blue got nicked up against ECU. Just minor things?
"Yes. When you're dealing with ankles with guys that have to plant and drive, you have to be careful with those, so we've taken a lot of precautions this week with both of those guys."

On Jonathan Smith
"Getting better, getting better. Again, we're trying to be careful with those guys. We want them for the long haul, so [we're] not trying to rush those guys back and not have them late in the year."

On Gene Robinson's play in place of Smith:
"I think Gene played well. It's good when you've got guys that can come in and play and you don't miss a beat. I don't feel like anybody on our team felt like we lost anything with Gene in the game. He started last year against East Carolina and had an interception, so I felt comfortable with Gene in the game. We've got some depth. We played a lot of guys last year and that's really helped us this year, so I think that's a big plus for us."

On Jabari Price's play in his first game back from injury:
"I think he did well. We tried to get his feet wet. We tried to do some things to get him going in the ball game. We got him in on some special teams, so we'll increase his role this week."

Has there been any talk about moving Tre Boston back to safety?
"There's been a little bit. Let's wait until game time to see."

On playing at noon:
"I don't think our kids care one way or the other. I would rather play early than late, to be honest with you. I'd rather get up and go play. I think it's good to get up in the morning, brush your teeth, put on your helmet and shoulder pads and go play. I wish we could play at about 10am… I think our kids want to get up and get to the stadium. The big deal is getting to the stadium. All of the stuff we do at the hotel – the walkthroughs, the meetings – they're about done with that stuff on Saturday morning. They want to get to stadium, get in a routine, get on the field and let kickoff happen."

On backup center Russell Bodine earning playing time against ECU:
"We don't consider Russell a second-team center -- we consider him 1A. Russell is a talented young man, a very physical center, a very smart center, and we wanted to get him some reps because we felt like he needed to start being groomed to be that guy in the future. He'll play a little bit more this week, a lot more this week, and hopefully he'll be ready to play and give us some production."

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