Kennedy: 'It Just Felt Special'

Bryce Kennedy committed to North Carolina while in Chapel Hill on Saturday. The Southern Pines (N.C.) Pinecrest offensive lineman discussed his decision with

You planned Saturday's visit to UNC initially to schedule your official visit. What happened?

"I knew that I liked Carolina a lot. It came down to Carolina and [N.C.] State. As soon as I got down there, it seemed like the right place to be – it seemed like a home to me. I got to talk to Coach [Everett] Withers and then [the commitment] just kind of happened."

On your ride to Chapel Hill Saturday, did you think you would leave a UNC verbal commitment?

"I've been thinking about committing for a long time. I was thinking about Carolina for weeks and weeks and weeks. As soon as I got up there, it just felt special – it just felt like it was about that time to commit. So I went ahead and got it over with."

In your mind, when did you decide that UNC was the place for you?

"Me being there, it just felt like home. And talking to Coach Withers and Coach [Sam] Pittman, I just felt like being there."

Did you end up scheduling that official visit?

"No, I didn't. I planned on having it this [coming] weekend. I'm still going to the game and everything [on Saturday], but I'm coming back home."

When will you officially visit UNC?

"I'll probably do it after the season."

What affect did Sam Pittman have on your decision to commit to UNC?

"I talked to Coach Pittman every week. I asked him how it would be if I would come there. He played a big role, because he was the one I talked to the most."

You also mentioned Withers, what role did he play in your decision to commit?

"He seems like a good coach to play for. When he talks to me, he talks to me like I'm on the team already. He's so calm and cool – that helped out a lot too."

How did last weekend's official visit to NC State affect your recruitment?

"That played a pretty big role. I love the school, I like the coaches – they have great coaches there like Coach [Jim] Bridge. But when I was there, it didn't feel right. I felt like I was at home, but it was something about Carolina."

Saturday was your first game at UNC, what did you think of the game and atmosphere?

"The atmosphere was cool. [The team] was determined to win – that's what I liked about it."

Besides watch the game, what else did you do on your UNC visit on Saturday?

"I talked to the coaches, went on the field, [and] watched the warm-up. After the game, I talked to the players and they treated me like I was on the team."

How firm is this commitment? Will you visit any other schools officially or unofficially?

"Right now, I don't have anything planned. Right now, it's pretty solid. Right now, I haven't thought about [visiting other schools], yet."

You told me a couple weeks ago that you were ready to get the recruiting process over with. How do you feel now that you've done that?

"It feels good now that I know it's over with. It takes a lot of stress off me, definitely. I can now just focus on my season."

You play offensive tackle for Pinecrest, but UNC, like most schools, is recruiting you as an interior guy. What has Pittman said about the game plan on how you will be used?

"I'll probably get to see the field at center and guard. I'll probably get on the field during my freshman or sophomore year."

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