Fun, Informative Visit for Raynor

Keilin Rayner visited his leader, North Carolina, over the weekend for his first official trip.

"It's high on my list," Rayner said. "I was pretty high on them already, but [the visit] secured what I thought about them. It's a great school and great pretty much everything else. I just want to take some other visits to compare."

Rayner, a 6-foot-3, 220-pounder from Leland (N.C.) North Brunswick, says he plans to schedule official trips to Duke, Clemson, and South Carolina. Those visits will likely occur after the football season.

"I noticed with [the UNC] official visit, I had to rush home [from my football game], because I had a game on Friday," Rayner said. "I don't want to have to do that again."

Unlike his previous visit to UNC, which took place in late June, Rayner's official visit included a full tour of the Loudermilk Center and also spending time with several players.

"It was pretty fun," Rayner said. "I got a good feel for the people around there – they love the football players and have a great appreciation for them."

Rayner, who was accompanied by his stepfather, spent the most time with fellow linebackers Darius Lipford and Zach Brown.

"[Lipford and Brown] told me that Coach [Art] Kaufman was a pretty good guy [and] he's going to make you work," Rayner said. "They said it's a good place for linebackers because they've put a lot of them in the [National Football] League and a lot more are going into the league. It seems like there's a pretty good opportunity if you're a linebacker."

Rayner received a chance to judge for himself when he spent most of Saturday evening with Kaufman, UNC's linebackers coach and defensive coordinator. The two had dinner with Sam Pittman, Rayner's primary recruiter, and Everett Withers, and then met in Kaufman's office.

"He pretty much told me they like me at WILL [weak-side linebacker] and MIKE [middle linebacker]," Rayner said. "I play MIKE right now. I feel comfortable inside taking on blocks."

During his junior season, Rayner was moved to MIKE after beginning his prep career as a defensive end.

Shortly after reaching campus Saturday morning, Rayner attended UNC's 14-7 victory over Louisville.

"It was pretty cool being on the field during pregame," Rayner said. "It was a good atmosphere. The students were hitting the [entrance canopy] when they were announcing the starting lineup."

Before heading home on Sunday afternoon, Rayner met with Withers in his office.

"We talked about pretty much everything," Rayner said. "I even brought up the NCAA allegations. He pretty much told me what it is. He said the [sanctions] they placed on themselves – they forfeited wins and will lose scholarships – are all they're going to get."

Following the conversation, Rayner says he felt much more comfortable about UNC's situation.

"I don't feel like they'll have a bowl ban or anything else," Rayner said.

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